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Android ROM Tool V2.0.3 Free Download [Custom ROM Build]

Android ROM Tool is a robust shell that brings together several tools to work with firmware images. It allows you to create a custom firmware and modify it. Additionally, there is the possibility of flashing images via fastboot and other functions in the updates.

Android ROM Tool

Features Android ROM TOOL: 

Portable Application:

It comes as a portable application that doesn’t need to be installed on the computer to work. Download and extract the tool on the computer and Open ART.exe to launch the tool.

Support DAT format:

Place the files of the .new.dat or .new.dat.or format as well as file_contexts and system.transfer.list in the _INPUT_DAT folder for their further unpacking and modification. If file_contexts is not present, it will be created automatically.

Support IMG format:

Place the .img files in the _INPUT_IMG folder for further unpacking and modification. The unpacking will occur in the _[section name] folder (ex. _System). The modified ROM/Firmware can be flashed or installed through the fastboot commands.

Additional features:

The fastboot section allows you to clean/format the firmware partitions via fastboot commands, flash your image, or archive with the command. It also allows you to view the connected devices and reboot the device into recovery mode.

How To Use?

  1. First download
  2. Extract on desktop or C: Drive
  3. Open main ART.exe file as an admin
  4. Loader firmware and do it your job
  5. Enjoy!!!

Download Android ROM Tool:

SIZE:45.66 MB

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