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Download Miracle FRP Tool v2.03 Free Login

Miracle FRP Tool is a small windows program specially designed to remove the FRP lock from any kind of Chinese Android phone in a few seconds. It requires a Miracle Box hardware dongle to use properly on your computer. In the following topics, I share to download Miracle box FRP Tool v2.03’s latest setup with How to use instructions to unlock FRP lock from Android phones.

You can use Miracle FRP Tool on MTK, Qualcomm, SPD, Samsung, Realme, Hisense, Blu, Lenovo, Moto, Poco, Mi, Redmi, Huawei, LG, Vivo, Oppo, and Xiaomi Devices. The procedure is easy just run the Miracle FRP tool, connect your device to your PC and click on Bypass FRP, That’s it.

Nowadays, every single Android phone comes with FRP protection, The summarization of factory reset protection is FRP and it basically protects Android users’ personal data and Privacy during thefts.

If you Reset your phone without removing the old Google Account, then you have to log in with the same Google ID and password that you set up earlier on the device to bypass the Google account verification lock on your phone. Without verification, you can’t use the phone.

Features Miracle FRP Tool:

  • Connection Mode

– ADB Mode

– EDL Mode

– Flash Mode

– Fastboot Mode

– Meta Mode

– Diag Mode

– Factory Mode

– Force (PL to Brom)

– MTK Force (Exploit)

– MTK Exploit (Kamakiri2)


  • Remove FRP Lock

– Remove FRP Lock

– Remove FRP Lock + Reset

  • Factory Reset

– Factory Reset

– Factory Reset (VIVO)

Enable ADB

  •  Screen Unlock

– Screen Unlock

– Screen Unlock New

– Enable Screen Lock


Version 2.03 Login Edition

Now Miracle FRP Tool availbel Lgin Edition 

[+] Free For Miracle Digital Users.
[+] Free for Miracle Users.

[X] MIRACLE FRP Tool v2.03

1. MTK Add Force Preloader Port to Brom Port
2. MTK Add Exploit Kamakiri2 for All CPU
3. MTK Improve Meta Mode Read/Write
4. MTK Improve FRP Remove (Add Persistent)
5. MTK Add Auto Intall_UsbDk_Driver
6. UsbDk Driver "Data\Drivers\UsbDk_1.0.22_x64/86.msi.

7. MTK Add New Operation in Meta Mode
      OPPO UFS/RealMe (New)
      OPPO emmc/RealMe (Old)
      OPPO New UFS/Android 11
      VIVO MTK Unlock
      Factory Reset 1
      Factory Reset 2
      Format FRP

8. Qualcomm Improve Handset 
9. Qualcomm Improve Load Boot
10. Qualcomm Improve FRP Remove (Add Persistent)
11. Qualcomm Add New Loader for Auto
12. Qualcomm Improve Analysis and Search For Auto Loader
13. SPD Add Factory Reset (Diag mode)
14. SPD Add New Boot T610/T310/9863A
15. SPD Improve Format/FRP
16. Fix Some Bugs

17. Add New MediaTek/Qualcomm/Spreadtrum More then 470+ Models

MediaTel (MTK)

Alcatel 1S 2020 5028D
Alcatel 5002R
Alcatel 6025h
Alcatel OT-5028
Alcatel OT-5028Y
AlcatelL OT-5028Y
Altice S43
Blackview A60
Blackview BV6300 Pro
Condor Griffe T8 PLUS (SP641)
Coolpad Cool 20 (CP03)
Coolpad Cool 20 Pro (CP05)
Coolpad Cool 6 (1901)
Coolpad Cool S (2039)
Cubot NOTE 20 PRO
Doogee S98 Pro
Doogee x100
Doogee X93
Doogee X95
General Mobile GM 8 GO
HTC Wildfire E Lite
Infinix Hot 10 (X682B)
Infinix Hot 10 (X682B)
Infinix Hot 10 (X682C)
Infinix Hot 10 (X682C)
Infinix HOT 10 Lite (X657B)
Infinix Hot 10 Play (X688B)
Infinix Hot 10 Play G25 (X688C)
Infinix Hot 10i (X658B)
Infinix Hot 10i (X658E)
Infinix Hot 10i (X659B)
Infinix Hot 10i (X659B)
Infinix Hot 10S (X689B)
Infinix Hot 10T (X689C)
Infinix Hot 11 (X662)
Infinix Hot 11 (X662)
Infinix Hot 11 (X662B)
Infinix Hot 11 (X662B)
Infinix Hot 11S (X6812
Infinix Hot 9 (X680)
Infinix Hot 9 Play (X680B)
Infinix Note  11 Pro (X697)
Infinix Note 10 (X693)
Infinix Note 10 (X693)
Infinix Note 10 Pro
Infinix Note 10 Pro (X695)
Infinix Note 10 Pro (X695)
Infinix Note 10 Pro (X695C)
Infinix Note 11 (X663)
Infinix Note 11 (X663)
Infinix Note 11 (X663B)
Infinix Note 11 PRO
Infinix Note 11 PRO (X697)
Infinix Note 11S
Infinix Note 7
Infinix Note 8 (X692)
Infinix Note 8i (X693)
Infinix Smart 2021 HD (X612B)
Infinix X650
Infinix X652
Infinix X653
Infinix X655
Infinix X656
Infinix X657
Infinix X6812
Infinix x682b
Infinix x690, x690c
Infinix Zero 5 Pro (X603B)
Infinix Zero 5g (X6815
Infinix Zero 5g (X6815B)
Infinix Zero 8 (X687)
Infinix Zero X Neo (X6810)
Infinix Zero X Pro (X6811)
Lava IRIS 89 (LF9810)
LG 40S
LG K10
LG K20
LG K31
LG K40
LG K42
LG K51
LG K52
LG K61
LG K71
LG Phoenix 5
LG Q31
LG Q60
LG Stylo 5
LG Stylo 6
LG Xpression Plus 3
Mediacom 1CY
Mobicel R1 Plus
Mobicel TITAN
MobiWire Kicka 5
Nokia 1 Plus
Nokia 2.3 IronMan
Nokia 5.1 (CO2)
Nokia G10
Nokia G20
Oppo 15s
Oppo F11 Pro (CPD1969)
Realme Pad RMP2102
Samsung A10s sm-107f
Samsung A22 5G SM-A226B (TP)
Samsung Galaxy A02
Samsung Galaxy A02 A022F (TP)
Samsung Galaxy A03s SM-A037F (TP)
Samsung Galaxy A12 A125F (TP)
Samsung Galaxy A22 A225F(TP)
Samsung Galaxy A31 A315F (TP)
Samsung Galaxy A32  A325F (TP)
Samsung Galaxy A32 5G A326B (TP)
TCL 20e
Techno Spark 8 KG6K
Techno Spark 8 Pro
Techno Spark 8C KG5K
Tecno 8D
Tecno 8H
Tecno C7 Pro
Tecno Camon 11 CF7
Tecno CAMON 11 CF7K
Tecno Camon 11 Pro CF8
Tecno Camon 12 Air KC3
Tecno Camon 12 CC7
Tecno Camon 16  Ce7j
Tecno Camon 16 Premier CE9
Tecno Camon 16 Pro CE8
Tecno Camon 16S CD6j
Tecno Camon 17
Tecno Camon 17 CG6j
Tecno Camon 17 Pro CG8
Tecno Camon 17P
Tecno Camon 17P CG7n
Tecno Camon 17T
Tecno Camon 18
Tecno Camon 18 ch8
Tecno Camon 18 Premier CH9n
Tecno Camon 18T CH6T
Tecno Camon i 2 / iD5A
Tecno Camon iAir 2 ID3K
Tecno Camon iAir 2+ ID3k
Tecno Camon X Pro CA8S
Tecno CC7
Tecno CD8
Tecno CE7
Tecno CF8
Tecno CG7 (Camon 17P)
Tecno KB7
Tecno KB8
Tecno KC1
Tecno KC2
Tecno KC2J
Tecno KC3
Tecno KC6
Tecno KC8
Tecno KC8
Tecno KD6
Tecno KD7
Tecno KE5
Tecno KE6
Tecno KE7
Tecno KG5
Tecno L
Tecno L8
Tecno LC6
Tecno LC7
Tecno LC8
Tecno LD7
Tecno M7
Tecno M9
Tecno N8S
Tecno N9
Tecno NX R8O
Tecno P5S
Tecno P9
Tecno Phantom 5
Tecno Phantom X Pro AC8
Tecno POP 1 Pro F3Pro
Tecno POP 1s F4
Tecno Pop 1S Pro F4 Pro
Tecno POP 2 B1
Tecno POP 2 B1s
Tecno POP 2 Plus
Tecno Pop 2 Plus BA2
Tecno POP 2F
Tecno POP 2S RA8
Tecno Pop 3 Plus BB2
Tecno Pop 4 Air BC1
Tecno POP 4 BC2
Tecno Pop 4 LTE BC1s
Tecno POP 4 Pro BC3
Tecno Pop 5 BD2
Tecno Pop 5 BD2 SPD
Tecno Pop 5 BD2P
Tecno Pop 5p BD3
Tecno POP C4 Lte
Tecno POP F2 B1f
Tecno Pouvoir 1 LA6
Tecno Pouvoir 2 Air LB
Tecno Pouvoir 2 Air LB6
Tecno Pouvoir 2 LA7
Tecno Pouvoir 2 LB
Tecno Pouvoir 2 Pro LA7
Tecno Pouvoir 2 Pro LA7 Pro
Tecno Pouvoir 3 Air LC
Tecno Pouvoir 3 Air LC6 | LC6a
Tecno Pouvoir 3 Air LC6A
Tecno Pouvoir 3 LB7
Tecno Pouvoir 3 LB7
Tecno Pouvoir 3 Plus LB8
Tecno Pouvoir 3 Plus LB8 | LB8a
Tecno Pouvoir 3 Plus LB8a
Tecno Pouvoir 4 LC7
Tecno Pouvoir 4 Pro
Tecno Pova
Tecno Pova 2
Tecno Pova 2 LE7
Tecno Pova 5G
Tecno Pova LD7
Tecno Pova Neo
Tecno Pova Neo LE6
Tecno PP7E-DLA1
Tecno PP7F Pro
Tecno R6S
Tecno R7
Tecno R7 Plus RC
Tecno R8
Tecno RA
Tecno RA6S
Tecno RA8
Tecno S1E Pro
Tecno S1M
Tecno S1S
Tecno S1S Pro
Tecno S2 SA1
Tecno SA 1s
Tecno SA1
Tecno SA1S
Tecno SA3
Tecno SA6S
Tecno Spark 2 KA7O
Tecno Spark 4 KCB
Tecno Spark 5 Air KD
Tecno Spark 5 Air KD6A
Tecno Spark 5 KD7H
Tecno Spark 5 KD7S
Tecno Spark 5 Pro KD7
Tecno Spark 6 Air KE
Tecno Spark 6 Air KE6j
Tecno Spark 6 Air KF
Tecno Spark 6 Go KE5k
Tecno Spark 6 KE7
Tecno Spark 7
Tecno Spark 7 KF6h
Tecno Spark 7 KF6J
Tecno Spark 7 KF6KS
Tecno Spark 7 KF6M
Tecno Spark 7 KF6N
Tecno Spark 7 Pro KF8
Tecno Spark 7P
Tecno Spark 7T
Tecno Spark 8
Tecno Spark 8 KG
Tecno Spark 8P
Tecno Spark GO 2020 KE5
Tecno Spark GO KC1
Tecno SPARK Go KC1h
Tecno Spark Go Plus BB4K
Tecno Spark Go Plus BBK4
Tecno Spark K7
Tecno Spark Pop 5
Tecno Spark Pro K8
Tecno Spark Youth KA
Tecno T528
Tecno Tecno Tecno Camon iSky 3 KB3
Tecno W2
Tecno W3
Tecno W3 Pro
Tecno W3-LTE
Tecno W4
Tecno W5
Tecno W5 Lite
Tecno WX3
Tecno WX3 LTE
Tecno WX3F LTE
Tecno WX3P
Tecno WX4
Tecno WX4 Pro
Tecno Y2
Tecno Y3
Tecno Y3 Plus H721
Tecno Y3S
Tecno Y3S Plus
Tecno Y4
Tecno Y6
Umidigi S5 Pro
Vivo S1
Vivo V23 5G PD2167F
Vivo V23 Pro V2132
Vortex SYNQ
Walton primo D10
XanMobile B19 Bukhara
Xiaomi Poco C3
Xiaomi Poco C31
Xiaomi Poco M2
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro
ZTE A7 2020

Qualcomm 55 + Model

Asus Zenfone Max M1 ZB555KL
Gionee S11 Lite
Lenovo TB-J606F
LYF Jio F220B
LYF Jio F320B
Mi8 Lite(Platina)
Mi9 Lite(Pyxis_2)
Nokia 6 (D1C-PLE)
Nokia 7 Plus (B2N)
Nokia 8 (NB1)
Nokia 800 Tough
Nokia 9 (AOP)
Nokia X2 (Ara)
OnePlus  8 PRO
OnePlus  8TPlus(KB2007)
OnePlus 7
OnePlus 7 Pro
OnePlus 7T Pro
OnePlus 8
OnePlus 9 Pro
OnePlus NORD
OnePlus NORD N10
OnePlus Nord N10 5G
OnePlus NORD N100
Redmi 6 Pro(India)
Redmi 6 Pro(Sakura)
Redmi 9 Power(2)
Redmi 9T(2)
Redmi Note 10 (Qual)
Redmi Note 9(4G)(2)
Samsung A70 (SM-A705F)
Samsung Galaxy A01 (SM-A015A)
Samsung Galaxy A01 (SM-A015F)
Samsung Galaxy A01 (SM-A015G)
Samsung Galaxy A01 (SM-A015M)
Samsung Galaxy A01 (SM-A015T)
Samsung Galaxy A01 (SM-A015U)
Samsung Galaxy A01 (SM-A015U1)
Samsung Galaxy A11 (SM-A115A)
Samsung Galaxy A11 (SM-A115F)
Samsung Galaxy A11 (SM-A115M)
Samsung Galaxy A11 (SM-A115U)
Samsung Galaxy A11 (SM-A115U1)
Samsung Galaxy J4 (SM-J415F)
Samsung Galaxy J6 (SM-J610F)
Samsung Galaxy M01 (SM-M015G)
Samsung Galaxy M02s (SM-M025F/DS)
Samsung Galaxy M11 (SM-M115F)
VIVO X50 (V2001A, 2005)
VIVO X50E (V1930)
VIVO X51 PRO (XE710)
VIVO Z6 5G (V1963A)

Spreadtrum / UniSoc 90+ Model

Advan G5 Elite
Alcatel 1C 5003G
Archos Access 57 3g
Auris TB-703G
Benco AE9010
Benco V60
Blu C6 2020
BQ-Mobile BQ-7098G
Coolpad 5 1826
Coolpad 5 1826_IN
Coolpad cool 10A
Corn C4
Digma Optima 10 A502
Digma Optima 1027N TT1236PG
Evertek V5 Plus
Fly Life Buzz
HiSense E50
Hisense E50 Lite
HiSense Infinity H30 Lite
HiSense Infinity H40 Lite
Hisense U40
HiSense U50
HiSense U50(HLTE222E)
HiSense V40
Huskee Helios
IMO Q2 Plus
Infinix Hot 10i (PR652B)
Infinix Hot 10i (PR652C)
Infinix Smart 6 (X6511)
Infinix Smart 6 (X6511B)
Infinix Smart 6 (X6511E)
Itel A14
Itel A16 Plus
Itel A23
Itel A23 Pro (L5006C)
Itel A23 Pro (L5006S)
Itel A23s
Itel A25 L5002
Itel A25 Pro L5002P
Itel A37 (A571W)
Itel A44 Air
Itel A46 (L5503S)
Itel A46 L5503
Itel A46 L5503l
Itel A47 L5505
Itel A48 (L6006)
Itel Alpha W5503
Itel P15 W5005
Itel P36 (W6501)
Itel P36 PRO (L6501)
Itel P37 (P651W)
Itel P682LP
Itel S16 PRO (W6503)
Itel S17 (S661W)
Itel Vision 1 L6005
Itel VISION 1 PRO ( L6502)
Itel VISION 2 (L6503)
Itel Vision 2 Plus P37 PRO (P681L)
Lava iris 45C LN9821
Lava LH9810 IRIS 52
Maxwest Nitro 55Q
Maxwest Nitro 5P
Mobicel BLINK
Mobicel GLO
Mobicel Rave
Mobicel Rio SS
Mobicel Star
Mobicel Star Direct
Movitel M9106
Movitel M9107
Myphone MYA15
Premio S84
Qmobile i6 Metal
Realme C11 2021
Realme c21Y
Realme C25Y
Reeder M7 Go
Tecno POP 2X Air
Tecno POP 2X Plus RB8S
Tecno Pop 5 BD2P
Tecno RB6S
Tecno SPARK 7(PR651H)
Xiaomi Qin 1S
Xiaomi Qin2
ZTE Blade A3 2019
ZTE Blade A5

Download Link: Setup \ Loader

How To Use?

  1. First, you need to download the zip file from the below link
  2. Next, you can unzip all files at c: drive (important)
  3. Ensure you have disabled the antivirus before running the installation
  4. Next, open the folder and install the setup file with some basic instruction
  5. Run the “Miracle FRP Tool V2.0.3 Cracked.exe
  6. Finish the setup and unzip the loader file (note: do not open the miracle FRP tool first you can run the loader file and open the miracle FRP tool from the desktop shortcut)
  7. Run the loader file and next open the miracle FRP tool from the desktop shortcut⬇
  8. Next, enter the login details in the username enter “MIR202211210030” and in the password enter “12345678”
  9. Next click on the login button to execute the miracle FRP tool without a dongle or box 😍😍
  10. Connect the phone and try to do any function
  11. Enjoy !!! 

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