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Download MTK Auth Bypass Tool V83

The MTK Auth Bypass Tool (MTK Meta Mode Utility) is software that helps remove Secure Boot protection from MediaTek MTK-powered phones. 

The MTK Meta Mode Utility is a software tool that provides various features for devices with MediaTek (MTK) chipsets. It provides features in 3 modes: Brom Mode, Meta Mode, and Android Mode. The features provided in each mode include functions to read and modify device information, perform factory resets, extract firmware, bypass FRP locks, and more. Some of the features are specific to Samsung devices, such as forcing the device into Download Mode or rebooting to MTP mode.

The latest version (V83:03.02.2023) includes new features such as the ability to write eMMC/UFS dump via USB to recover dead devices and repair Samsung A326U BIT8. However, the user should take caution when handling calibration/NV partitions and make a backup before proceeding. The goal of the tool is to provide easy-to-use, one-click solutions with a stable user interface


MTK META Utility V83:03.02.2023 :

  • New Features & Enhancements :
  • Added MTK writes [eMMC/UFS] Dump (userarea.bin, LUN2) via USB, to help recover dead devices.
  • you can use this option to repair a dead Samsung A326U BIT8.
  • but take care of (bbbbbbcalibration/NV) partitions (make a backup first then restore later).
  • our aim is to simplify the solutions (one click) and make them easy to understand with a stable easy user interface.
  • This software was made for educational purposes only.
  • We allow the use of this software under certain circumstances.
  • This software is provided ‘as-is’, without any express or implied warranty.
    In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software,
    please only use it for legal servicing and maintenance of mobile phones,
    and must not be used for illegal purposes.
  • Use it at your own risk.

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