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Download RockChip Batch Tool For Windows -2023

If you own a device powered by RockChip Chipset and want to flash or install stock firmware on it, then you might want to try RockChip Batch Tool. This small and portable tool for Windows Computer can help you flash the firmware in .img format on your device easily.

In this article, we will discuss the features of RockChip Batch Tool and how you can use it to flash firmware on your RockChip-powered device.

Features of RockChip Batch Tool

Portable Application:

RockChip Batch Tool is a portable application that you don’t need to install on your computer to use it. Simply download and extract the tool on your computer, and open the RKBatchTool.exe file to launch it.

Flash Firmware:

With the RockChip Batch Tool, you can easily flash or install the stock firmware on your device powered by RockChip Chipset.

Supports Rockchip Devices:

RockChip Batch Tool supports the devices powered by Rockchip Chipset.

Supports .img Format:

The tool supports flashing or installing the .img based stock firmware on the devices powered by RockChip Chipset. You can find the .img file in the stock firmware of your RockChip device released by the company.

Download Link


Limited Chipset Support:

RockChip Tool is only compatible with devices powered by RK2918 (RK29), RK3066 (RK30), RK3188 (RK31) Chipsets. It doesn’t support flashing the firmware on other chipsets, including the Allwinner Chipset.


When using RockChip Batch Tool to flash firmware on your device, be aware that it will wipe all the data from your device.

Alternative Tool:

If RockChip Batch Tool doesn’t work for you, you can try RockChip Factory Tool, which is another tool that allows you to flash or install firmware (ROM) on RockChip devices.


RockChip Tool is created and distributed by Fuzhou Rockchip Inc. So, full credit goes to them for creating the tool.


RockChip Batch Tool is a handy tool for those who own a device powered by RockChip Chipset and want to flash or install the stock firmware on it. The tool is portable, easy to use, and supports .img format, which makes the flashing process more straightforward. Just make sure to take a backup of your data and install the correct drivers to use the tool efficiently.

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