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EVO Tool’s Latest Update: Release the Power-Packed Vivo MTK Advancements 2023

In a recent development, the EVO Tool has rolled out its highly anticipated update, version 1.0.24, presenting an array of exciting enhancements for Vivo devices powered by MTK processors. This latest update brings forth a range of remarkable features aimed at streamlining user experiences and expanding the capabilities of Vivo smartphones.

One of the standout features of this update is the comprehensive support for Vivo MTK devices across various CPU models. Users can now benefit from the ability to update, reset user data, and perform FRP resets without the need for test points. This new method ensures a safer and more efficient user experience, eliminating the need for risky procedures.

Among the notable additions in this update are the inclusions of preloader support for several Vivo MTK CPUs. Notably, Vivo MTK6765, MTK6768, MTK6877, MTK6769, and MTK6762 are now fully supported by the EVO Tool, enabling users to unlock the full potential of their devices. Additionally, bugs related to MTK factory reset and flash misc have been addressed, contributing to an improved overall performance.

The standout feature of this update lies in its preloader port unlocking capabilities, applicable to all MTK CPUs. This advancement serves as a game-changer for Vivo MTK device users in 2023, as it empowers them to unlock their devices without the need for test points or credits. The update further emphasizes safety, ensuring that no harm comes to the device during the unlocking process, thereby alleviating concerns about bricking the phone.



the EVO Tool’s version 1.0.24 update brings a wealth of benefits to Vivo MTK device users, making it easier than ever before to unlock the true potential of their smartphones. With its expanded preloader support, enhanced user data reset and FRP reset options, and improved overall performance, this update is a testament to EVO Tool’s commitment to innovation and user satisfaction.

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