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F3arRa1n V4.4 iCloud Bypass iOS 14.7.1/12.5.4 Windows Download

The Software as a Service “F3arRa1n” is a Software tool that allows you to activate “iDevices” manually.

The purpose of this Software is to activate “iDevices ” for purposes of personal use, development and repairs. Thousands of devices activated using F3arRa1n guarantee its effectiveness!


At Virtrin Software we are fully committed to keeping the server running stable with no outages or sudden disappearance of the service; you can be sure that you have the guarantee that when you need it, you can reactivate your device.
In addition, you will have direct person-to-person support through TELEGRAM every day and constant updates to the Software with new processes, optimizations, and improvements.

How To Use?

Steps to get a service in F3arRa1n:

Make sure you agree with the Terms and Conditions and that you have read the Privacy Notice. By continuing with the next step of downloading the Software, we assume that you are aware and accept.

  1. Jailbreak your device using checkra1n on the platform of your choice.
  2. Connect the device already jailbroken to your PC via USB.
  3. Launch the F3arRa1n Software and follow the instructions displayed.
  4. Click the Connect Device button and if some instructions are shown, please follow them.
  5. Click the Check Compatibility button.
  6. If the device is compatible with a process, the Software will generate a link and automatically open it in your web browser to pay for that Serial in the service that turned out to be compatible.
  7. Use an automated payment option or contact Telegram to complete the payment.
  8. Done! Press the “Activate/Process” button in the Software and follow all the instructions.

Download Link:

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