In this post, I have the latest version of the OMH Gapps Installer tool by OMH Min Htet. the tool is fully compatible with any device you can use this tool on that device that comes without google apps install. like Huawei phone does not come with google application. if you need google all apps then you need this tool this is all apps install in one click and you have back to use google maps, google play store, google play music, google chrome, and more application.

OMH Force Gapps Installer

Features OMH Force Gapps Installer: 

  • Easy to use
  • No need to download all application from our source
  • APP installing in Switch on condition mobile
  • No Need Recovery or any zip file
  • working with USB debugging mode
  • No carry any big file
  • No data-loss
  • All latest version google apps installing
  • Installing Gapps android 7.x to 8.x – x means any version
  • Installing Gapps android 9 to 10
  • Installing Gapps android 11 Beta

How To Installing Gapps Installer?

  1. First, need to download the application form below links
  2. Next, set up the tool with a double click on the setup file
  3. Now, you need to back to the desktop and find a new shortcut 
  4. Now, open an application admin mode
  5. Now, connect the phone with USB Debugging mode
  6. Next, select your target and do your JOB!!!
  7. Enjoy!!!

Download Links:

Name:OMH GApp Installer 2021
Size:93.24 MB
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