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Hunter Tool V2 Edition | Free Register – For OPPO, Xiaomi, LG, ADB Function

In this post, I have shared with you the latest hunter tool v 2 with free no need to pay for this tool. is a very powerful tool with help of this tool you have to unlock FRP, Network unlock, Patter, Password, PIN any user lock you have to remove with help of this tool. the tool is officially free you no need to crack this version. once you have to download the tool please disabled your antivirus otherwise many files have blocked and the tool is never run on your computer.

hunter tool

Features Hunter Tool: 

provided by the hunter team Many new improvements and bug fixes reported by users in the first version

New and powerful features 

Other companies other than LG have been added to this releaseSAMSUNG / Xiaomi / Oppo section has been addedThe rest of the companies like Moto / ZTE / HTC will be supported by the upcoming release
To be tried and tested 

Samsung Window Features

  • Skip Google account 
  • Enter the DownLoad in more than one position 
  • Enter the recovery mode in more than one mode
  • Delete please call me by setting down the load or the modified recovery
  • Delete Knox / MDM via download mode 

For the following models 

  1. G950f u4
  2. G955f u3
  3. G960f all
  4. G965f u2
  5. N950f u5
  6. N960f u2

Fix the problem of 3G of the Esperant devices by pressing a button The operation of the two segments for Xenos mobiles Decoding the unsupported Xynos devices will show you a notification that it is not supported 

  • MSL beeping 
  • Writing the cert file 
  • Writing the cert file via the uart link
  • Samsung modem commands 
  • Enter the recovery 
  • Enter DownLoad mode 
  • Format the phone 
  • Decoding Qualcomm devices 

“If the device is not supported, a notification appears that it is not supported.”Decode codes from s5 and above Decoding old protections hardware codesDecoding the old esperant devices

  • Qualcomm orders 
  • Writing file protection 
  • Withdraw qcn
  • Qcn installation
  • Read codes 

The LG devices window

Many bugs in the previous version have been fixed Modem and port commands will be executed automatically without selecting the port 

  • Modem commands 
  • Open the hidden menu
  • Powerful Activation 
  • Activate ADB
  • Format the phone 
  • Skip Google account 
  • Modems chopped him 
  • Entering the download mode in two ways 
  • Port Opening
  • Skip the screen lock 
  • Send AT commands
  • Imei has been fixed 
  • Added more than one option to write IMEI 
  • His meid has been improved 
  • Network orders 
  • Pulling sec
  • Fitting sec
  • Clear your sec zone 
  • The decoding of the esperant devices all models 
  • 5/6/7
  • A network repair box has been added for several devices 
  • More devices will be supported in the next release 
  • Check out the qcn file 
  • Installation commissioned QCN

 Xiaomi devices

  • Skip Google ADB account
  • Clear Mi Cloud adb account 
  • Withdraw qcn 
  • qcn installation
  • Enter recovery mode 
  • Enter edl mode 
  • Unpack the bootloader
  • Repair imei1 + imei2
  • Meid repair 

Hardware window ##### oppo ####

  1. Decode it 
  2. Clear protection 
  3. For the following devices 
  • F1s
  • A71
  • R11
  • R11s
  • R11 plus
  • A77
  • A577
  • F5
  1. Check out the qcn file
  2. Writing a qcn file
  3. Activation of the decay 
  4. Disable OTA updates
  • ADB Command window
  • Merlock localization 
  • And change the network to GSM or CDMA 
  • And a lot of advantages 
  • The tool is also characterized by its speed and accuracy

** The registry issue has been fixed 

Your account will be activated without our activation Automatic If the tool conflicts with an anti-virus, exclude only the tool folder

How To Use?

  1. First Download Tool
  2. Extract Setup or run from WinRAR directly
  3. Once you have set up the Hunter gsm setup file you have to find one more icon on your desktop
  4. simply you have to run with double click on here
  5. Now is take some time
  6. once the tool interface is open you have to find registration windows on the LEFT side
  7. Fill in all details and login with credential details
  8. once you have created your account tool is activated on your pc
  9. Now you have to use the tool fully for a lifetime
  10. Enjoy!!!

Download Hunter Tool V2:

NameHunter Tools
Size59.8 MB
Download LinkHere

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