MAGIC FRP ZTE TracFone Latest Version Free Download – 2021 Updated

Magic FRP ZTE Tracfone tool is a small tool for Windows computers. which allows users to quick ways to remove FRP Lock from ZTE Smartphone. the new security patch also removed FRP from this tool. is a helpful tool developed by MAGIC-DEV. the tool is working from recovery mode, this part of this tool is very beneficial you no need to connect any EDL or fastboot mode only you boot your phone to recovery and open the tool and click on the FRP reset button. and the tool is removed frp from that device.

magic frp zte

Features and models supported: 

Devices and Arrangements backed  

-Z799VL – Z917VL – Z836BL – Z610DL Z986DL – Z916BL – Z819L – Z558VL Z963VL – Z899VL – Z818L – Z353VL Z962BL – Z862VL – Z719DL – Z557BL Z955L – Z861BL – Z717VL – Z233VL Z936L – Z837VL – Z716BL – Z862BL

How To Use?

  1. First download tool from below links
  2. Extract tool on any location I have suggest you extract on c: without space on name
  3. Once you copy boot your mobile in Recovery mode – For recovery mode, you have a search on google
  4. Now Back to Tool windows and click on reset FRP button in some time tool is process internal command and remove FRP From ZTE mobile.
  5. Now Reboot your device or plug and unplug the battery and power on your phone.
  6. Now your mobile is no need more FRP Lock.

Download Magic FRP ZTE TracFone Tool – 

Name:Magic FRP ZTE Tracfone tool
Size:19.02 MB

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By Yogesh Joshi

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