Tue. May 24th, 2022

In this post, I have the latest solution of MRT dongle which you can face for opening the tool. MRT dongle is officially stopped the server access, if you have an MRT dongle then you can face the force close the main module when you have an open the tool.

I have a solution to this problem with a small host file. the file has been creating a bypass the server access of the tool and you can easily open the tool with one click. some users have been trying the batch file and are not working then you can try some old or new MRT dongle setup is also the same issue you can face then comment below. I will try to fix your problem also you can contact me via chat button.

MRT v5.36 is not official, without updates


1. extract mrt
2. Copy hosts to the MRT folder
3. extract host
4. Run host administrator
5. Run MRT administrator

Credit #kafshop Try This All GSM Brother 💖

Download Link:

MRT Dongle Server Fix – Download | 8.5 MB

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