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Nut Utility Tool 2023 Free Download and Activate

Smartphones have been integrated into the way we live in the developing quickly world of technology. Users regularly find situations where they have to carry out required steps like factory resets or deactivating Mi accounts without losing data because of the ongoing updates and advances in mobile devices. The Nut Utility Tool 2023 can help in this situation. The following article will discuss the Nut Utility Tool’s operation, supported devices, and usage.

What is the Nut Utility Tool?

The Nut Utility Tool 2023 is a small yet powerful software designed specifically for Windows computers. It provides users with the ability to perform factory resets on MediaTek devices while removing Factory Reset Protection (FRP). Additionally, it enables Qualcomm device users to remove Mi accounts and perform factory resets without any data loss from the device.

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Features of Nut Utility Tool

MediaTek Functions:

[Factory Reset] Method 1

The first method allows users to perform a factory reset on their MediaTek devices. It is a straightforward and effective process to refresh the device and resolve software-related issues.

[Factory Reset] Method 2

The second method for factory reset on MediaTek devices provides an alternative approach to reset the device and ensure a smooth performance.

Qualcomm Functions:

[Unlock] Mi Account

For Qualcomm device users, the Nut Utility Tool allows them to unlock their Mi accounts conveniently. This feature comes in handy when users forget their Mi account credentials.

[Unlock] Save Data Factory Reset

The “Unlock Save Data Factory Reset” feature enables Qualcomm device users to perform a factory reset without losing any data from their devices. It ensures a secure and seamless reset process.

Supported Devices

The Nut Utility Tool is compatible with all MediaTek devices that were released between 2015 and 2022, supporting all the updates released during that period. As for Qualcomm devices, while it supports all of the chipsets, they have not all been tested yet.

How to Use the Nut Utility Tool?

To utilize the Nut Utility Tool effectively, follow these steps:

  • Download the RAR file containing the tool.
  • Extract the files using the provided password.
  • Locate and run the “NUT_Tool.exe” file from the extracted folder.
  • If prompted, run the tool with administrator privileges for smooth functioning.
  • The next step requires an activation key. Don’t worry; it’s entirely free! Simply comment your HWID below, and once I’m online, I’ll generate a free activation key for you.
  • Once you have the activation key, enter it in the tool to unlock its full potential, and enjoy free access to all its features.


In conclusion, the Nut Utility Tool 2023 proves to be essential software for Windows computer users dealing with MediaTek and Qualcomm devices. Its ability to perform factory resets, remove Mi accounts, and preserve data during the reset process is commendable.

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