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PortDroid v0.8.36 [Pro] Free Download

PortDroid: Are you looking for a powerful and versatile app to analyze your network? Do you want to scan ports, discover devices, ping hosts, trace routes, and more? If yes, then you should check out Port Droid, the all-in-one network analyzer app for Android!


Port Droid is a handy tool that lets you perform various network tasks with ease. You can probe any IP for open TCP ports and get banner information for known protocols. You can also discover web services and launch external applications for ssh, telnet, http, https, ftp, smb, etc.

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PortDroid also allows you to scan your local network and find out who is connected to your Wi-Fi. You can get detailed information about each device, such as IP, MAC, vendor, and hostname. You can also ping any host and see the latency and packet loss. Moreover, you can trace the route of any host and see the hops and delays along the way.

PortDroid is a must-have app for network enthusiasts, administrators, and security professionals. It has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to use. It also supports dark mode and custom themes for a better user experience.

Features PortDroid

But wait, there’s more! You can now enjoy the pro features of PortDroid for free with this modded version. The pro features include:

  • No ads
  • Custom port range
  • Custom timeout
  • Custom packet size
  • Export results
  • Copy results
  • Share results
  • More themes

The modded version also supports multiple languages and universal CPUs. It has also removed the debug information for a cleaner and faster app.

So what are you waiting for? Download PortDroid v0.8.36 [Pro] now and unleash the power of network analysis on your Android device!

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