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QC Qualcomm Downloader 4 Linux Windows Platform EDL ADB Fastboot FREE TFF Tool 2022

Qualcomm download is a small tool for windows computers. the developer of the tool release Qualcomm flasher or download for all new and old device of Qualcomm processor working with this tool. but if your device needs auth request then the tool does not work.


QC Qualcomm Downloader 4 Linux Windows Platform EDL ADB Fastboot FREE TFF Tool 2022

This Newly Uploaded the second 2nd beta version of

QC Qualcomm Downloader supports two platforms:

Windows and Linux

What was fixed In Update 2022

  1. Flash process in Fastboot mode and EDL mode
    (only for eMMC, UFS has not been fixed)
  2. The dialog form is all integrated and no icon
    appears on the taskbar/dock/panel
  3. The reboot features available (ADB and Fastboot)
  4. Get device information
  5. In the future, I will make QC-One

which is a tool to unlock the lock screen,
FRP, MiCloud, and Demo but not all of them
will be available, yes the name is also beta

All beta versions when all functions have been fixed
will be included in the stable version called
TFF Tools* and also support Windows and Linux.
However, in the future stable version (TFF Tools),
it will be used as a paid tool for account activation only.
QC Qualcomm Downloader Beta 2 Free

Comment From Developer

For now, I will make yesterday’s TFF/QC Tools project a stable release, not a beta.

Now for the beta, I want to make this tool for the trial release. So if this tool works,
I will rewrite it or add the code to the TFF/QC Tools project.
Please make it for you guys if you want to fork or use it to be modified according to your wishes.

Have you ever experienced a failed Unlock Bootloader on Xiaomi Redmi 5A in a failed position:

Getting info? Yesterday I experienced it so I looked for a solution, namely, bypass UBL (only install TWRP) in the test point position.
But earlier, I found another solution so I can get real UBL.

In this way, you bind as usual and
log in to your Mi account on Mi Unlock, then click Unlock. When in the 45% position, unplug the cable

and then in the 95% or 99% position, plug the cable into the PC/laptop, and the data on the Redmi 5A is perfectly UBL.
This method also applies to Redmi 5, Redmi 4A, Redmi 4, and below. Hope it helps you.

Want to share a free tool that can be used on Windows and Linux.
But this is still an experiment. Program for opening things on Qualcomm Android phones.

Can be used on Windows and Linux. Actually, there will be an embedded GUI
display on Linux, but I’m still learning Python programming,
so it won’t be uploaded yet.

The script uses a hybrid .bat (Can be in CMD and
UNIX Bash Terminal). If there is a defect in this experiment, you can PM me so
I can fix it. I made this for Linux users who want to find a tool to
repair Android such as removing the lock screen, FRP, and MiCloud.
The device entered is not complete. So in the future, if there is a loader,

Download Link:

Name:QC Qualcomm Downloader
Size:111.3 MB
Download:Direct Userupload

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