Tue. May 24th, 2022

Reboot To Recovery Tool for Nokia G10 and G20 is a small batch program file to windows computer. it is allowed users to easily boot your Nokia G10 and G20 Device single click only via ADB mode and recovery mode. the tool is supported all windows computers and all 32 and 64-bit versions. for more information about the tool please click here.

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Hello Nokia G10 and G20 users.

I have created this simple tool that sends your Nokia G10 or G20 to Recovery mode from fastboot mode.
Simply put your phone in fastboot mode and then open this tool and your phone will boot to recovery mode.
Please ensure you have fastboot and adb drivers installed on your computer before using this script or software.
I’m planning to add more features to this software in future releases.

  • Check Nokia Device in ADB Mode
  • ADB To Fastboot
  • Check Fastboot Devices
  • Fastboot To FastbootD
  • Fastboot To Recovery
  • Exit Script
  • About and How To Use

Changelog !!!

-Smooth UI
-Optimised Script
-Extended Menu View
-Added Support for Android 11 recovery menu for Nokia G10 and G20 devices (thanks to areallydumbperson).
-Added option to check devices in fastboot mode

How To use it?

  1. Press “1”, if you want to check your device, is connected in ADB mode and if you
  2. cannot  access adb mode then please switch off your Nokia G10 or G20 then press 
  3. and hold volume down and power key together to enter fastboot mode.
  4. Press “2” to switch your phone to fastboot mode via adb (skip if no access to adb)
  5. Press “3” to check the device is connected in fastboot mode
  6. Press “4” to switch from fastboot to fast boot mode.
  7. Press “5” to switch to fast boot to recovery mode
  8. Press “6” to exit the script
  9. Press “7” for instructions on how to use it?
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Thank you !!!

Download Link::

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