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In this post, I have shared with you a small script file that helps you unlock your Samsung phone networks. if you are stuck with a network lock issue in your phone then you have used this script file which I have a mention model you can download your model file and run simply. for use this file need some guidance then I explain below please use it before reading and download.

How To Use guide:

a) device must be rooted
b) enable USB debugging & OEM unlock
c)connect device & run the unlock script .bat
d) wait for the procedure is being done
e) Carrier unlock done
f) insert any mobile Sim and enjoy an unlocked device.

Model NumberLinkEncrypted access key
A102U U1-U6 SUPPORTEDMegaAYxp7kkf-wbgNzO_LSVykw.
A102W U1-U6 SUPPORTEDMega_sqNShDJjEgXqhlbhVc5rw
A105U1 U1-U6 SUPPORTEDMegaXsE_yFTdi07SFmKMmTUq3w
A105W U1-U6 SUPPORTEDMegayFHOSdB5WX1xi82dpX3b5Q
A105XU U1 -U6 SUPPORTEDMegadDcoKyhtHmpnKE27tFov2g

More Added Soon…

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