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Samsung e1200y, b110e, b310e, b313e Without Charging IC Jumper -2023

If you are facing charging issues with your Samsung keypad mobile such as charging paused, high voltage, fake charging, or the device only powering on while charging, this article is for you. In this article, we will discuss a simple and effective solution to resolve these issues without requiring any charging IC replacement.

Typically, when mobile phone experiences charging problems, the issue lies in the charging IC. However, in cases where the charging IC is not present on the motherboard, the solution is to apply a jumper to the IC pins.

To perform this solution, you only need two jumpers, and you can easily fix all charging issues without requiring any IC replacement.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Turn off your Samsung keypad mobile and remove the back cover and battery.

Step 2: Locate the charging IC, which is usually present near the charging port.

Step 3: Heat gun to remove the charging ic

Step 4: Apply the below jumper:

Step 5: Now connect the two jumpers using a wire or any other conductive material.

Step 6: Reassemble your mobile phone and turn it on.

Congratulations! You have successfully applied the jumper to the charging IC pins, and your Samsung keypad mobile should now be charging correctly.

In conclusion, if you face any charging issue with your Samsung e1200y, b110e, b310e, and b313e keypad mobile, you can use this simple and effective solution to resolve the problem without requiring any charging IC replacement. Remember to take precautionary measures while performing this solution to avoid any further damage to your device.

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