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Tera Tool Seeks User Feedback with 3-Month Free Trial

Tera Tool, a software development company, is offering a 3-month free trial to new users in exchange for valuable feedback.

In a statement released today, the Tera Tool Team emphasized their commitment to user experience and ongoing product improvement. “By distributing a 3-month activation gift,” they explain, “we aim to improve the product and fix existing bugs through user experiences, which we can access, review, and correct.”

The company stresses that this initiative is not intended to promote freemium models or harm competitors. “This offer is valid until now,” the statement continues, “You can share this post, comment, and contact us to receive the gift.”

Key Points Tera Tool:

  • Tera Tool is offering a 3-month free trial to new users.
  • The goal is to gather user feedback to improve the product and fix bugs.
  • The company assures users this is not a freemium model and does not aim to harm competitors.
  • Multiple account creation will result in a permanent ban.

For more information, please contact:

The Tera Tool Team web: or Facebook link

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