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TTA EDL TOOL Latest Version Free Download

TTA EDL TOOL 2022 is a small tool for windows computers. it is allowed users to format or remove FRP in an EDL mode which supported old and new smartphones. the tool is free of cost you can download and easily install it with only a few clicks and use it lifetime free. some bugs I have found in this tool but the tool is working.

Features TTA EDL TOOL:


  • Custom Loader adds
  • Disable mi cloud
  • Reset FRP
  • Reset user lock (master Clear) 2017
  • Reset User lock (Factory Reset)

ADB / Sideload

  • Check Version
  • Format DATA


  • Fastboot (Check Status)
  • Fastboot old Model – Remove MI Account

— Redmi note 1s 4G Dual
— Redmi note 1s 4G (Dior)
— Mi Note 1 / Bamboo (Virgo)
— Mi3 / Mi4 (Cancro)

Supported Devices:

Disable Mi Cloud / Reset FRP / Reset Userlock
Supported Models Xiaomi

All of SDM660 636 SoCs
My 4C Libra
Mi 5X tiffany
Mi 6X wayne
Mi Max 2 oxygen
Mi Max 3 nitrogen
Mi_Max 16_32_hydrogen
Mi_Max 64_ 128 helium
Mi_Note_3 jason
Mi 4S aqua
Mi Pad4_clover Mi Pad 4 Plus
Redmi 4 prada
Redmi 4A Rolex
Redmi 4 Prime markw
Redmi 4X santoni
Redmi 5 plus for the win
Redmi 5 roses
Redmi 5A with edge
Redmi Note 3 Pro kenzo
Redmi Not 4 QC mido
Redmi Note 5A Prime ugg
Redmi Note 5A ugglite
Redmi Note 5 Pro whyred
Redmi Note 6 Pro Tulip
Redmi Note 7 lavender
Redmi Note 10 Sunny Mojito
Remove Mi Account In Fastboot Mode Models in Misc
Redmi Note 1s 4G Dual (gucci)
Redmi Note 1s 4G (Dior)
Mi Note 1 / Bamboo (Virgo)
Mi 3 / Mi4 (cancer)

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