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Be Aware of VIVO MTK Devices: April 2024 Protections and the Latest Updates

As of April 2024, VIVO MTK devices have received significant security updates that users and repair technicians need to be aware of. These new protections impact various tools and methods commonly used for unlocking, repairing, and downgrading devices. This article will provide an overview of these changes and highlight specific VIVO models affected by the updates.

VIVO MTK Devices

New Protections Post-April 2024 – VIVO MTK Devices

The recent updates have introduced robust security measures, making it increasingly difficult to bypass or downgrade devices using traditional tools such as USB, Pandora, and Unlock Tool. Key changes include:

Anti-Rollback Protection

One of the most significant changes is the activation of anti-rollback protection on several VIVO devices. This feature, often referred to as “FUSED,” prevents the device from being downgraded to a previous firmware version. If an attempt is made to roll back the firmware, the device will detect this and may become inoperable, requiring intervention via ISP (In-System Programming).

ISP Device Interventions

Even with ISP devices, caution is required. The new protections mean that even if you manage to bypass initial security measures, the device will eventually fail if the firmware is not matched correctly. Specifically, you will need to ensure that the preloader, boot1, and lu0 are written with the same protection version as the device’s current firmware to avoid bricking the device.

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Affected VIVO Models and Versions

Here is a list of VIVO models that have received these updates, along with the firmware versions that include the new protections:

  1. VIVO Y21 (PD2139)
    • Version 6.25.8 to 6.25.14 and above
  2. VIVO Y15s (PD2140)
    • Version 6.41.0 and above
  3. VIVO Y22 (PD2226)
    • Version and above
  4. VIVO Y01 (PD2140NF)
    • Version 1.8.0 and above
  5. VIVO Y17s (PD2317)
    • Version and above
  6. VIVO V23 5G (PD2159)
    • Version and above
  7. VIVO Y02 & Y02T (PD2236)
    • Version and above
  8. VIVO Y02S Y16 (PD2216)
    • Version and above
  9. VIVO Y27 5G/Y36 5G (PD2279F)
    • Version and above
  10. VIVO Y30 5G (PD2197)
    • Version 6.20.2 and above
  11. VIVO Y52 & Y72 (PD2069)
    • Version 8.12.21 and above
  12. Other Models:
    • V30, V30 Pro, V30e, Y100 5G, Y100 4G, Y18, Y03, Y28

Code to know the device version before dialing with it..


Or from recovery mode.


The new security measures implemented in VIVO MTK devices as of April 2024 are designed to enhance device protection and integrity. However, they also pose challenges for those looking to repair or unlock these devices. It is crucial to stay informed about the specific firmware versions and understand the implications of these updates to avoid damaging the devices.

For technicians and users alike, it is essential to approach repairs and firmware changes with caution, ensuring that all procedures comply with the latest security protocols. By doing so, you can maintain the functionality and security of your VIVO devices.

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