Xiaomi Utility Tool V3.4 Free Download | Xiaomi Smartphone Special Tool

Xiaomi Utility Tool V3.4 is a free tool to support Xiaomi devices and some other Android devices, to support faster TWRP flash, remove system apps without rooting, speed up phone performance.

The Toolkit Supports Xiaomi And Android Devices, Built On Google’s Android SDK Platform Tools (Built-In ADB, Fastboot, Systrace)


Xiaomi Utility Tool has main features:

  •     -Quick install TWRP of Xiaomi devices
  •     -Flash ROM MIUI tgz file.
  •     – Uninstall/install normal apps and system apps without rooting or unlocking the bootloader
  •     – Install Vietnamese for ROM MIUI China 50% (Notebook)
  •     – Speed ​​up the device with one click.
  •     -Check Anti-Rollback status and unlock bootloader status of the device.
  •     -Boot back and forth between system, fast boot, recovery, and edl.
  •     -Send a link from PC to phone and open it in the phone browser.
  •     – Change your phone’s DPI, help display more information on the screen.
  •     -Remove the Google Xiaomi account (FRP).
  •     -Lock bootloader (install rom when you bought it and then lock it with this item)
  •     -Unlock bootloader android one and some pure google devices.
  •     – Wipe clean all data.
  •     – Install apk file from the computer.
  •     -Install zip file from the computer (requires phone into TWRP and enable ADB Sideload).
  •     – Flash regional fix file (requires phone into TWRP and enable ADB Sideload).
  •     – Turn on dark mode MIUI and some other Android devices.
  •     – Send the phone number to the phone and make a call.
  •     – Screen recording and screenshots from the tool.
  •     – Backup and restore all data and apk of the device.
  •     – Check battery status, battery bottle, and machine information.
  •     -Install the latest Youtube 15.33.34 and MicroG.
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File Information:

  • Filename:- Xiaomi Utility Tool V3.4
  • File Size:- 384 MB
  • File Download:- Link – Mirror
  • File Type:- Zip
  • File Password:- Without Password
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