Zion GSM Tool v2.0 Latest Release Free Download

Zion GSM Tool V2.0 Beta is released and available for free download. the tool is running on the beta version now. if you see any bugs or errors comment below. the tool function is to remove the iCloud lock from your iPhone Device and support all the latest models and versions. the tool is very easy to use you no need any tutorial or guidance because you once download the tool and use then you easily understand.

Zion GSM Tool v2.0 Latest Release Free Download

The iPhone 6 and iPhone X are easy to use. You will be trapped on the iCloud lock screen if we restore any system without understanding the iCloud password, without the ability to uninstall iCloud afterward, unless you request recovery of the apple id password.

iCloud ByPass Checkra1n Windows: Just as I find Apple users asking efficient, modified, and usable methods in the various forums that help us unlock or bypass lock that some Apple devices such as iPhone-iPad-iPod Touch, after seeing lots of third-party server recommendations and iCloud bypass tools, it takes me the job of searching for one of them, managing to solve the problem.

Features Zion GSM Tool: 

  • Bypass GSM (7-X) Supported
  • MEID (5S-X) SUpported
  • Fix Notification/Icloud
  • Passcode (5s-X)
  • Broken BB (5S-X)
  • Passcode/Disable FMI OFF – FREE No Need Balance
  • Check Serial Number – NEW
  • IMEI Status- NEW
  • UDID Status- NEW
  • iOS Version- NEW
  • Product Type- NEW
  • Activation Status- NEW
  • Jailbreak Device Status- NEW

What’s New!!!

  • Added Fix Notification function
  • Meid No signal more stable
  • GSM Bypass more stable
  • Wallpaper added
  • Future updates
  • Auto Proxy for FMI off
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How To Use?

  1. First download install package file
  2. Extract file on the desktop
  3. Install iTunes for connecting device via windows pc
  4. Open tool ensure to connect your device with pc
  5. Also, confirm the device is rooted or not
  6. Now open the tool and follow all steps which you have to tell by tools
  7. Enjoy!!!

DOWNLOAD – ZionGSMTool V2.0- 94.26 MB

By Yogesh Joshi

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