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Amlogic Flash Tool Free Download Working 100% [21-02-2021] updated

Download Amlogic Flash Tool (all versions)

The Amlogic Flash Tool is a portable application that enables users to flash or install stock firmware on Amlogic devices. To use the tool, one needs to download and extract it on their computer and open the AMLogicFlashTool.exe file.

To begin flashing the firmware, one needs to have the correct firmware of their Amlogic device and install the Amlogic Driver on their computer. After launching the tool, one should click on the Connect button and enter the IP address of the device, then click on Connect again. Once the device is detected, the .img file can be loaded, and the flashing process can begin by clicking on the Flash button.

The Amlogic Flash Tool supports devices running on Amlogic Chipset and can detect the connected device once the Amlogic Drivers are installed on the computer. The tool also supports the flashing of .img based Stock Firmware on Amlogic devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. Users can easily find the .img file in the Stock Firmware of their Amlogic Device.

Features of Amlogic Flash Tool:-

Portable Application:

It comes as a portable application, which means you don’t have to install it on your computer to use it. Download and extract the tool on your computer and open AMLogicFlashTool.exe to launch the application.

Flash Firmware:

It helps you to install or flash stock firmware on Amlogic Devices. All you need to have the correct firmware of your Amlogic Device > Install the Amlogic Driver on the Computer > Launch the tool > Click on Connect Button > Enter the IP address of the device > Again Click on Connect > Load the .img file > Click on Flash to begin the Flashing.

Support Amlogic Chipset:

It comes in support of devices running on Amlogic Chipset. Once you have installed the Amlogic Drivers on the computer, the Amlogic Tool can easily detect the connected device and get ready to flash the firmware on the device.

Support .img Format:

It supports the flashing of .img based Stock Firmware on the Amlogic Devices, including smartphones, Tablets, and Smart TV. You can easily find the .img file in the Stock Firmware of your Amlogic Device.

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