Advanced Android Tool v0.9.0 Latest Version Free Download

Advanced Android Tool is a small tool for windows computer and programme by GitHub. is a small utility tool for your smartphone it allows users to unlock bootloader, Format, screen sharing like features. this tool old version also I have posted on my website. it working with fastboot commands but you have no need to type any command all commands are inbuilt in this tool.

Windows Features:

  • FLASH BOOT (only .img file)
  • FLASH BOOTLOADER (only .img file)
  • FLASH RADIO (only .img file)
  • FLASH RECOVERY (only .img file)
  • FLASH SYSTEM (only .img file)
  • FLASH VENDOR (only .img file)
  • FLASH CACHE (only .img file)
  • FLASH ROM (You must know what you are doing)
  • Check connected devices
  • Boot into ROM
  • Boot into recovery
  • REBOOT INTO THE Fastboot/Bootloader
  • Check connected devices
  • Check devices version
  • Install an app
  • Uninstall an app
  • Emulate device (Resize Screen)
  • Emulate device (Change Density)
  • Reset (Emulate device)
  • Screen Recording
  • Smartphone Status
  • Change system info
  • Grant WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS permission
  • Grant DUMP permission
  • Check for granted permissions
  • Enable/Disable Dark Mode in Q
  • Factory reset
  • Device ID
  • Sideload a zip
  • Logcat and Display On-Screen Only
  • Logcat and Record Text File Locally
  • “getevent” and Display On-Screen Only
  • “getevent” and Record Text File Locally
  • View System Info (Data From build.prop, g.prop, and others), [External script view_buildprop_info.bat]
  • Scrappy – Screen mirror
  • ADB over network working
  • Create and run a programkey events Instruction
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By Yogesh Joshi

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