Auth ADB Fastboot Tool Free Download Keygen Free Download

ADB TOOL 2020 AUT_All in One Adb Fastboot Free. This tool is a complete smartphone command in ADB and fastboot mode that you can use for reboot and repair activities. Of course, with this, you don’t need to press a button.

Table of Contents



  • ADB check info
  • ADB check root
  • ADB reboot diag mode (Rooted)
  • ADB reboot diag mode (No ROOT)
  • Reboot to normal mode
  • Reboot recovery
  • Reboot safe mode
  • Reboot Odin mode
  • Reboot EDL mode
  • ADB format
  • ADB remove mi cloud
  • ADB bypass mi cloud
  • ADB bypass mi cloud (New method)
  • ADB bypass mi cloud os 10.11,12 (Rooted)
  • ADB bypass mi cloud anti relock method 1
  • ADB bypass mi cloud anti relock method 2
  • Bypass FRP method 1
  • Bypass FRP method 2
  • ADB sideload check
  • ADB sideload format
  • ADB Install sideload
  • ADB install apk
  • Huawei MTP to ADB
  • etc


  • Flashing TWRP / partition
  • Bypass mi cloud


  • Fastboot to edl method 1
  • Fastboot to edl method 2
  • Fastboot to edl method 3
  • Fastboot to edl method 4
  • Unlock the new bootloader method


  • Bypass FRP

File Information:

  • Filename:- Auth ADB Fastboot Tool 2020
  • File Size:- 37.3 MB
  • File Download:- Link
  • File Type:- RARFile Password:- softwarecrackguru
  • Key:- 4CCEB91EF5D7807B8F76A6F2C35AD8B5D3654392887A3F0E7C8D79FC5DE452C9
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By Yogesh Joshi

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