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Cactus Unlock Key Tool By Team Musafir Project V1.0 Free Download (Support REDMI 6A)

Cactus Unlock Key Tool is a small tool for Windows computers. which allows users to reset FRP, Bypass Auth, Unlock MI Account, BL Unlock, and Format DATA and reset pattern, Password, Fingerprint all user lock. the tool is now supported only Redmi 6a but in the next update support all models. the tool interface is very easy-to-use you no difficulty for use this tool. all required drivers or required script is preinstalled and working on GUI. no more command prompt you need.

Cactus Unlock Key Tool

Features Cactus Unlock Key Tool : 


In this option, you simply click on this button tool is open the MCT MediaTek tool and bypass AUTH Service. once you have to Click this you can process to the second option. with this option, you no need to install python or any command prompt.


In this option, you have to Reset your Redmi 6a MI Account Data. only you need to connect mobile to META mode. once the device is connected then this function is working. after you have click on the button all accounts are clear on your phones. and looks like you buy a new phone.


In this option, you have to remove FRP (GOOGLE ACCOUNT LOCK) from your device. if you successfully remove the account after you need to remove the google account lock. To remove the FRP lock you need to use this function. is very easy you no need any extra information to use this tool.

FORMAT DATA – UserLock Removed

In this option you have easily formatted your device that was stuck at Pattern, Password, PIN Lock. is no need for extra information because everyone knows about this problem. you can try this tool on the REDMI 6a device only. if you try with any other phones then your phone is bricked or dead.

How To Use?

  1. The first Download tool Link is below
  2. Next, Unzip on desktop
  3. Next, ask password added in the zip file
  4. Copy the password and enter it in
  5. Once setup is complete Now you use this tool
  6. Video Tutorial ==WATCH HERE

Download Link:

Name:Cactus Unlock Key Tool
Size:79.2 MB

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