Cellphone Shop Record Book v6 by TAMARAW8 Free Download

Cellphone Shop Record Book V6 is a small tool for Windows computers. it is allowed users to manage their shop record with this portable tool. yes, you can use from memory card, USB Pen Drive and also from PC Drive. you do need to install it. the tool best for record your shop selling, Repair phone data entry, and more features.


  • ~Point of Sales (daily records, view, and search)
  • ~Inventory system (with using item codes, view, and search)
  • ~Job Order (Record for entrusted devices for repair)
  • ~Repair Records (save records daily, view and search)
  • ~Expenses Records(daily/monthly expenses, view and search)

Added features:

  • Print system
  • Automatic deduction of inventory records upon sold/pulled-out
  • Changeable color themes
  • Personalized Shop name and Address
  • 100% portable(can be  used with memory Card or Flash Drive)

How To Use?

  1. First Download package file from below link
  2. Extract all files at desktop or c:
  3. First need to setup Dotnet file
  4. After is completed Restart pc
  5. Now open again and run “CSRB6.exe”
  6. Now Tool is successfully open
  7. Enjoy!!!

Download Link:

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By Yogesh Joshi

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