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CF-Tools [QCOM Modules] V2.4 Free Download

CF tool is a small tool for windows computers. it is allowed users to remove FRP, Reset user lock, and fix android mobile many issues with a only few clicks. the tool is need activation or bought from a reseller for use on your computer.

Features CF-Tools:

Powerful Tool

More than 60 features

All features come from our real project experiences. For every new security of the phone, we will update our tool.

We do our best to fix your smartphone problem and, our tool is easy to use!


Supports flashing various brands of mobile phones in the market. No matter model, no matter chipset…

  • Unlocking & Screen Lock
  • Can unlock various brands
  • of phones. The unlock feature
  • includes Mi Account / FRP / Screen Lock.

One Click Repair

Every single feature is automated, no need to select anything, everything can be done in a single click.

Fastboot & Recovery

It supports Fastboot to EDL and

also, It can remove FRP in Recovery Mode

Vivo Feature

  • – Fastboot Support [Vivo AFT Feature]
  • – Fastboot To EDL
  • – VivoErase EFS
  • – Factory Reset + Frp

What do you get on CF Tools?

Reseller System

Reseller system, you will get the best price and get extra profit for selling our tool. Contact our main Distributor.

Support Group

We have a support group on Facebook and Telegram. our Admin will support you if you get the problem.

Attractive Price

We do our best in our tool and sell at an attractive price, also you get future updates.

More Device Support

More device support to use our tool not only one product see in the device support list.

Repair IMEI

Our best feature is you can repair IMEI for UFS Phones.


Added Mi Assistant Factory Reset | Reset Frp | Reset Efs Unlock | Disable Mi Cloud | Temp UBL [BETA]
Mi 9T [Davinci
Mi 10i 5G [Gauguin]
Mi 10T [Gauguin]
Mi 10T 5G [Apollo]
MI 10T Pro 5G [Apollo]
Mi 11 Lite [Courbet]
Mi 11 Lite 5G [Renoir]
Mi 11 Lite 5G NE [Lisa]
Mi 11X [Alioth]
Mi 12 Pro [Zeus]
Mi Note 10 Lite [Toco]
Poco F3 [Alioth]
Poco X4 Pro 5G [Veux]
Pocophone X3 NFC [Surya]
Pocophone X3 Pro [Vayu]
Redmi K20 [Davinci]
Redmi K30S [Apollo]
Redmi K40 [Alioth]
Redmi 10C [Fog]
Redmi Note 9 Pro [Joyeuse]
Redmi Note 9 Pro Max [Excalibur]
Redmi Note 9 Pro India [Curtana]
Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G [Gauguin]
Redmi Note 9S [Curtana]
Redmi Note 10 [Mojito - Sunny]
Redmi Note 10 Pro [Sweet]
Redmi Note 11 [Spes]
Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G [Veux]
Redmi Note 11E Pro [Veux]
Added Instant IMEI To 0 EDL Mode
Oppo Reno 5 4G [CPH2159] ID
Realme C15 [RMX2195] ID
Realme X2 [RMX1931] Modem BD V5

Added Realme Instant IMEI to 0 Fastboot Mode [Need UBL]

[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX1801] BD [BETA]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX1801] BD [Modem 5.7]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX1805] BD [Modem 3.3]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX1807] BD [BETA]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX1811] ID
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX1811] BD [Modem 2.2]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX1811] BD [Modem 3.3]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX1901] Global
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX1901] India
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX1901] China
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX1911] BD [BETA]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX1911] BD [Modem 6.1]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX1911] ID
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX1991] BD [BETA]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX1921] BD [Modem 11]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX1925] BD [BETA]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX1931] BD [Modem 5]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX1971] BD [Modem 5.5]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX1971] BD [Modem 7]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX1971] BD [Modem 30.7]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX1971] ID
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX1991] BD [BETA]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX1992] BD [Modem 6]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX1992] BD [Modem 13]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX2030] BD [BETA]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX2030] BD [Modem 31.1]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX2030] BD [Modem 32.2]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX2030] ID
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX2061] BD [Modem 1]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX2061] BD [Modem 20.1]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX2101] BD [Modem 0]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX2101] BD [4G Fix]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX2103] BD [Modem 0]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX2170] BD [Modem 11]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX2195] BD [Modem 40]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX2195] ID
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX3081] BD [BETA]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX3363] BD [Modem 2]
[FB] IMEI 0 [RMX3491] BD

Download Link

NameCF-Tools [QCOM Modules] V2.4
Size55.2 MB
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