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ClassyKitchen For Android ROMs Development [Windows] Latest 1.0.4 – BETA Free Download

A new C++ Windows application ClassyKitchen that based on ASSAYYED KITCHEN to deal with most of the android ROMs (stock images, stock updates, running device ….. etc)

In addition to built-in apktool to easily decompile & recompile apk in the PROJECT

And with a friendly user interface with full mouse control just one click.

With static build feature and a new built-in windows tools feature (hex dump) that makes the whole working environment into one exe file only.


Features ClassyKitchen: 

ROM editor features:

1 – Supported ROMs type for extract – ClassyKitchen:

  • Any stock system[lz4] & boot[lz4] [cache | odm] images
  • All Samsung stock firmware (TAR[.MD5]) with support for LZ4 compress
  • All Google stock firmware (ZIP)
  • All Lineage stock ROMs ([br] & vendor – payload.bin)
  • Any other images dumped from other stock ROMs (Huawei – HTC…..etc)
  • Rooted device OR custom recovery (*With technology to dump boot & system & vendor images without need a space on device*)

2 – Supported ROM edits – ClassyKitchen:

  • Pre-remove for Samsung RMM security
  • DeOdex for android [4.x.x] till [9.x.x]
  • zipalign for all APKs & JARs
  • Heavy DeBloat ROM with Re-Bloat
  • Full DeKnox ROM
  • Clean ROM from all CSC apks(in Samsung ROMs)
  • Support safe and powerful Build. prop tweaks
  • Support change Build Number text
  • Support add busybox into the ROM itself with all available symlinks in the image

3 – Supported ROM build – ClassyKitchen:

  • ZIP ROM contains sparse system [vendor & odm] dat
  • ZIP ROM for custom recovery flashing
  • ZIP images ROM for fastboot flashing
  • TAR images ROM for Samsung devices
  • Support compress Samsung images with original LZ4 format

4 – Supported boot image edits – ClassyKitchen:

  • Support all boot images partitions names other than boot.img
  • Remove dm-verity with AVB & ForceEncryption
  • Enable ADB
  • Patch policy (supports CIL) to supported deodexed Oreo
  • Add / Remove Magisk Root to boot image directly in windows
  • Support patch boot image to run scripts during boot that placed in /system/smart_scripts

5 – Supported Apktool:

  • Decompile single apk
  • Recompile single apk
  • Sign single apk
  • Support option to specify [New | Original] apk signature
  • Support use custom apktool.jar selected by the user
  • Support Decompile – Recompile multi APKs at the same time
  • Support Decompile – Recompile JAR files (Support multi classes files)

6 – Supported On Device Features:

  • Support dump full device memory using (ADB root) – supported (EMMC & UFS) Without the need for any space on device
  • Support dump specified partitions from device using (ADB root) – (List to the user and pick needed partitions)

General Features:

  • Quite a simple user interface
  • Very safe when working with images ROM for files [modes, gid, uid, contexts, capabilities]
  • Read the exact EXT4 [symbolic links, full permissions] and re-apply them when building
  • Write full permissions for [fs_config, contexts, capabilities] when building an EXT4 image or in [updater-script]
  • Support fix the case sensitive problems with ROMs like (Samsung S8 / S8+)
  • Support save the project and restore it when needing
  • Support [Added edits log] to allow the user to see all edits he made
  • Support add custom text during flash in recovery
  • Support save the system image and [odm] image sizes to rebuild them using the exact original size
  • Support allows the user to change the build configs (size, sparse header, images ext)
  • Support custom debloat list
  • Support more than one connected ADB device and list them to the user to pick one to pull ROM from

Pro Version:

The kitchen has two versions Free & ProAnd the Pro version requiring a small donation (20$) and it needs an authenticating code to run it on a specified PC, If anyone needs to use it just download and run then send it to me the output code with a transaction ID to send the activation code that matches the given code.NOTE: The Pro version is to support my work only, and the Free version is enough to create a full modded flashable ROM- The following features are only available in the Pro version:

  • All On Device Features
  • Pull ROM from Rooted device or custom recovery
  • Change Build Number text
  • Build TAR images ROM for Samsung devices
  • Build ZIP images ROM for fastboot flashing
  • Add Magisk Root to boot image directly in Windows
  • Patch boot image to run a script during boot
  • Decompile – Recompile multi APKs at the same time
  • Manual DeBloat as user wants

Download – ClassyKitchen [Wnodows]

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