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Download AXIOM v6.0.0.31091 – UFED Alternative

Magnet AXIOM is purpose-built to recover, process, and analyze digital evidence from a variety of sources regardless of whether you use AXIOM or third-party tools to acquire your data

Recover deleted data and investigate digital evidence from the computer, mobile, cloud, and vehicle sources easily with powerful and intuitive Analytics tools all in one case file.


Recover data from iOS and Android devices with the artifact first approach of AXIOM to get the most relevant evidence for the most popular applications.


Recover deleted data and analyze evidence from Windows, Mac, Chrome, and Linux devices including browser history and deleted files.


Process and examine data from warrant returns, user-generated archives, and live cloud services, with artifacts from 50+ of the most popular cloud services.



Added a new Recovery Method field to the Artifact Reference which documents artifacts that are carved, parsed, or both.

AirDrop Available Recipients, AirDrop Background Activity, AirDrop Discoverability, AirDrop Incoming Transfers, AirDrop Outgoing Transfers, and USB Connection History | iOS and macOS: Improvements to processing time.

AMR Files | Android and iOS: Updated support for reporting additional fragments.

Android Messages | Android: Updated support for the recovery of media attachments. [8.4.041]

Facebook Messenger Messages | iOS: Updated support to recover media attachments. [367.0]

MBOX | Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux: Added parsing support for MBOX E-mails.

Privacy Dashboard | Android: Added support for Privacy Dashboard.

Samsung Story Service | Android: Added support for dme.DB for location artifacts on Samsung devices.

WeChat Friends, WeChat Messages, and Identifiers-People | Android: Updated multi-account support.


A timestamp now displays in the location pop-up when working in the world map view.

Performance improvements to the filtering and global search in the Timeline explorer.

When building the Timeline explorer, if indexing is canceled, a warning appears to notify you that global search won’t be available within the explorer.

When creating a Project VIC / CAID export, AXIOM Examine now exports one file attachment per unique hash. In addition, the attachments folder is now organized into subfolders based on hash value, reducing the number of files in each individual folder. This change will reduce duplicates and allow you to more easily navigate the attachments folder in large exports.

You can now search pictures for human hands using Magnet. AI.

Bug fixes

Sometimes, when opening a case, AXIOM Examine would crash. -AXE-10595

In AXIOM Examine, when the Media explorer was set to build automatically, it would build correctly but sometimes an error message would indicate that the build had failed. -AXE-10591

Sometimes, PST exports would fail. -AXE-10607

Significant performance improvements when you run optical text recognition in pictures from the AXIOM Process. -AE-2351

Previously, you were unable to acquire Google Drive backups of WhatsApp accounts. -CAO-3163

Improved parsing of config files for OneDrive folders. -COMP-1797

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