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Download BigBroActivator-Ramdisk v2 – Passcode & Hello iOS 15 Bypass

BigBroActivator Passcode & Hello iOS 15 Bypass Windows RamDisk Tool free download on your computer and remove Hello Screen and Bypass iCloud lock from iOS 15 device without jailbreak.

Passcode with Signal 

HelloScreen Full bypass no Signal

What’s New:


+ Minor GUI Enhancement

+ Added Product ID & CPID

+ Fixed Device Reboot After SSH Connection

+ Added Support for iPads:

iPad5,1 iPad Mini 4 (Wifi)

iPad5,2 iPad Mini 4 (Cellular)

iPad5,3  iPad Air 2 (Wifi)

iPad5,4 iPad Air 2 (Cellular)

iPad6,7 iPad Pro 12.9-inch (WiFi)

iPad6,8 iPad Pro 12.9-inch (Cellular)

iPad6,11 iPad 5 (WiFi)

iPad6,12 iPad 5 (Cellular)

iPad7,1 iPad Pro 2 (12.9-inch, WiFi)

iPad7,2 iPad Pro 2 (12.9-inch, Cellular)

iPad7,3 iPad Pro (10.5-inch, WiFi)

iPad7,4 iPad Pro (10.5-inch, Cellular)

iPad7,5 iPad 6 (WiFi)

iPad7,6 iPad 6 (Cellular)

iPad7,11 iPad 7 (WiFi)

iPad7,12 iPad 7 (Cellular)

✔️A9 (6s,6sPlus, and SE 1st Gen) Need DCSD Cable or iRepair Box or iBox Mini or Magico Engineering Cable
✔️A10 (7,7plus) Need Normal Charging Cable
✔️A11 (8-X) Need Normal Charging Cable

Supported iPads Models

iPad Air 2 (WiFi)
iPad Mini 4 (WiFi)
iPad Air 4G (A1567)
iPad Mini 4 4G (A1550)

  • Prepare Ramdisk
  • Download Ramdisk manually
  • Check SN (Normal Mode)
  • Read DFU Device
  • 1- Boot Device
  • 2- Check SSH
  • Backup Passcode
  • Activate Passcode Device
  • Activate Hello Device

How To Use?

  • HelloScreen Currently Supported Devices:
  • iPhone 6s ==> To iPhone X
  • Please Change SN Manually to: 
  • using MagicCfg or any other tool
  • (Devices with Broken Baseband are supported)

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