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Download CFTools V2.4.4 [Qualcomm]

CFTools [Qualcomm Module] v2.4.4 is a small windows computer program with paid activation. the tool is come with many unique features and works 100%. I have bypassed the login of this tool and running on my computer easily. I have share tricks in the future because I have faced many errors once I have fixed all errors I have sharing tricks here.

Features CFTools:

CF Tools Features

We do our best to fix your smartphone problem and, our tool easy to use !


Supports flashing various brands of mobile phones in the market. No matter model, no matter chipset…

Unlocking & Screen Lock

Can unlock various brands

of phones. The unlock feature

includes Mi Account / FRP / Screen Lock.

One Click Repair

Every single feature is automated, no need to select anything, everything can be done in a single click.

Fastboot & Recovery

It supports Fastboot to EDL and

also, It can remove FRP in Recovery Mode

Vivo Feature

– Fastboot Support [Vivo AFT Feature]

– Fastboot To EDL

– VivoErase EFS

– Factory Reset + Frp


CF-Tools [QCOM Module] V2.4.4
Added More Model Mi Assistant Mode [Recovery 5.0}
Reset FRP | Reset EFS | Unlock Mi Cloud | Disable Mi Cloud | Temp UBL
-Poco M2 Pro [Gram]
-Mi CC 9 Pro [Tucana]
-Mi Note 10 [Tucana]
-Mi Note 10 Pro [Tucana]

Added Brand Meizu [EDL Mode]
Factory Reset | Reset Frp
-M15 [M1871]
-M6 Note [M1721]
-M8 Note [M1822]
-M9 Note [M1923]
-X8 [M1852]
-16x [M1872]
-16xs [1926]

-Fixed Bug Not Open Windows 11 [Version 22H2]

DOWNLOAD:- CFTools V2.4.4 [pass: cftoolqc]

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