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Download S-Tool Pro V2.0.0 RC1 Added Oppo / Realme Qualcomm Unlock in EDL9008

S-Tool Pro is a small tool for Windows computers. it is allowed users to unlock oppo and realme Qualcomm device in an EDL9008 mode with a single click only. the tool is running on its own host server all files are sent to the tool and factory reset the device with a single click. the tool is not free developer charge some monthly, quarterly, or yearly base money for using the tool. some models you can unlock free of cost you can test and post the result of which model unlock without any activation.

Features S-Tool Pro:

  • My account – in this menu you can manage your login information, account id, change password, activation status, and some more information that helps you to manage the tool.
  • Unlock – in this option, you can unlock, factory reset, demo unlock, reset EFS, and more operations on Realme and OPPO devices. (Now tool has supported some models which I have mentioned below.)
  • Download – in this option you can download Xiaomi fastboot firmware file with a single click only.


Welcome to S-Tool Pro V2.0.0 RC1

* The first version of S-Tool Pro

+ [Unlock Tap]

+ Added Oppo / Realme Qualcomm Unlock in EDL9008

+OPPO Model List;

  • Oppo A11s ~ PDVM00 [eMMC]
  • Oppo A32 ~ PDVM00 [UFS]
  • Oppo A33 ~ CPH2137 [UFS]
  • Oppo A53 ~ CPH2127 [UFS]
  • Oppo A53s ~ CPH2139 [eMMC]
  • Oppo A53s ~ CPH2135 [UFS]
  • Oppo A73 ~ CPH2099 [UFS]
  • Oppo A74 ~ CPH2219 [UFS]
  • Oppo A76 ~ CPH2375 [UFS]
  • Oppo A95 ~ CPH2365 [UFS]
  • Oppo F17 ~ CPH2095 [UFS]
  • Oppo F19 ~ CPH2219 [UFS]
  • Oppo F19s ~ CPH2223 [UFS]
  • Reno 3 Pro 5G, Find X2 Neo ~ CPH2009,PCRM00,PCRT00[UFS]
  • Reno 4 4G ~ CPH2113 [UFS]
  • Reno 4 5G ~ PDPM00,PDPT00,CPH2091 [UFS]
  • Reno 4 5G Pro ~ CPH2089,PDNM00,PDNT00 [UFS]
  • Reno 5 4G ~ CPH2159 [UFS]
  • Reno 5 5G ~ CPH2145,PEGM00,PEGT00 [UFS]
  • Reno 6 4G ~ CPH223 [UFS]
  • Reno 7 4G ~ CPH2363 [UFS]
  • Reno X10 Z ~  CPH1919,PCCM00 [UFS]

+Realme Model List;

  • Realme 6 Pro ~ RMX2061,RMX2063 [UFS]
  • Realme 7i ~ RMX2103 [UFS]
  • Realme 7 Pro ~ RMX2170 [UFS]
  • Realme 8 Pro ~ RMX3081 [UFS]
  • Realme 9 ~ RMX3521 [UFS]
  • Realme 9i ~ RMX3941 [UFS]
  • Realme C15 ~ RMX2195 [eMMC]
  • Realme C17 ~ RMX2101 [UFS]
  • Realme X2 Pro ~ RMX1931 [UFS]
  • Realme X3 ~ RMX2142,RMX2081,RMX2085,RMX2083 [UFS]
  • Realme X3 SuperZoom ~ RMX2086 [UFS]
  • Realme X50 ~ RMX2144,RMX2051,RMX2025 [UFS]

How To Use?

  1. First, you need to download the zip file from the below link
  2. Next, you can unzip all files at c: drive it’s very important
  3. Next, open the folder which you have to tool
  4. Run the “S-Tool Pro.exe
  5. Next, you register the tool, click on the register button, and fill, in your username, email, id, and phone number (PASSWORD IS SEND ON EMAIL-ID)
  6. Connect the phone and try to do any function
  7. Enjoy !!!

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