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Download – Xiaomi Utility Tool Latest Version [ENGLISH] -2023

Xiaomi Utility Tool is a versatile software that offers a range of features for Xiaomi device users. It is a free tool with some optional paid features, designed to enhance the functionality and performance of Xiaomi smartphones. The tool is built upon toolkits such as Google SDK Platform Tools and MTK Client, along with specific support files, to provide an all-in-one solution for Xiaomi users.

The latest version of Xiaomi Utility Tool is v7.5.0, which introduces several improvements and bug fixes. Among the notable updates are bug fixes that enhance system stability, ensuring a smoother user experience. Additionally, the Unbrick Snapdragon feature has been fixed, allowing users to recover their devices from a bricked state.

Check at some of the features offered by Xiaomi Utility Tool:

One-Click Device Optimization:

This feature enables users to optimize their Xiaomi devices with just a single click. It helps to improve performance, enhance battery life, and streamline the overall system functionality.

App Management:

Xiaomi Utility Tool allows users to easily uninstall or install applications on their devices. It offers customers control over the storage and performance of their device by offering an easy way to manage the programmes that are loaded on it.

App Activation/Force Stop:

With this feature, users can activate or force stop specific applications on their Xiaomi devices. It provides a way to manage background processes and optimize system resources for a smoother user experience.

Recovery Flashing:

Xiaomi Utility Tool offers the ability to flash custom recoveries on Xiaomi devices. This allows users to install custom ROMs, mods, and other system modifications to personalize their device and unlock additional features.

Fastboot ROM Flashing:

Users can flash Fastboot ROMs using Xiaomi Utility Tool. This feature is useful for installing official firmware updates or switching between different versions of MIUI (Xiaomi’s custom Android ROM).

Notification Optimization:

To address slow or delayed notifications, Xiaomi Utility Tool includes a feature to fix notification issues. It helps to ensure that users receive timely notifications from their installed apps.

Backup and Restore:

Xiaomi Utility Tool provides a convenient backup and restore feature, allowing users to safeguard their important data. Users can backup the data on their devices and restore it when necessary to keep their data safe.

ADB Sideload:

This feature enables users to sideload ZIP files using the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) mode. It simplifies the process of installing system updates, custom ROMs, or other ZIP-based modifications on Xiaomi devices.

APK Installation:

Xiaomi Utility Tool allows users to install APK files directly on their devices. This makes it easy to install applications from sources other than the official app store.

Unbrick Snapdragon:

In case of a bricked Snapdragon-based Xiaomi device, Xiaomi Utility Tool offers a feature to unbrick it. This can be a lifesaver for users who encounter software issues or errors that render their devices unusable.

Advanced Settings:

Xiaomi Utility Tool provides access to advanced device settings, allowing users to fine-tune various aspects of their Xiaomi devices. It offers customization options and advanced controls for power users who want to optimize their device’s performance.


Xiaomi Utility Tool is a comprehensive software package that caters to the needs of Xiaomi device users. It offers a wide range of features, including device optimization, app management, flashing options, notification fixes, backup and restore capabilities, and advanced settings. With its user-friendly interface and powerful functionality, Xiaomi Utility Tool is a valuable tool for Xiaomi device owners seeking to enhance their user experience and customize their devices.

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