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Download Z-Tool V1.0 [Utility Tool]

Z-Tool v1.0 is a small tool for windows computers. it is allowed users to mi the model checker, VIVO Model check, FRP Unlock, Bootloader lock, and Unlocks, and many more operations you can easily operate with help of Z Tool. the tool has come with a free one with no need to activate or register a fully offline working edition.


  • Mi Model Check (Fastboot)
  • ADB Info
  • VIVO Model Check (Fastboot)
  • ADB Diag
  • Huawei Info (Fastboot)
  • ADB Diag New
  • FRP Unlock (Fastboot)
  • Current-Slot Check
  • EFS Erase Ultra
  • Slot-A, Slot- B
  • EFS Erase BFORCE
  • Bootloader Unlock
  • Bootloader Relock
  • ADB to Fastboot
  • Fastboot To EDL
  • ADB To Recovery
  • Fastboot to Normal
  • Firmare Download (

Download Link:: MEGA

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