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Fix Bootloop for all Xiaomi mtk (MediaTek) & qcom (Qualcomm)

In this post, I have shared with you the latest method for fixed boot loop on Xiaomi mobile which comes with MediaTek and Qualcomm CPU. the method is very simple you can run one-line command and fixed boot loop on all Xiaomi phones in a fast boot mode. but you need to unlock the bootloader first for your device otherwise the command does not work. I have shared below how to fix the boot loop issue and some steps.

What kind issue fixed:

  • Bootloop
  • FRP Remove after Bootloop
  • Hard Brick
  • Auto Restart
  • Auto power off
  • hang on logo
  • Continue rebooting
  • and more

How To Fixed boot loop?

  1. First, you need to download the minimal ADB & fastboot tool:: HERE
  2. Next, unzip the minimal ADB tool and run the tool as admin access
  3. Next, you need to unlock the bootloader of your device for more information ask google uncle
  4. Next, Connect the phone to fastboot mode Press VOL – and power button to boot the device in fastboot mode.
  5. Now you need to firmware file of your Xiaomi smartphone which is affected by the boot loop issue.
  6. Next, extract the firmware file and find out the file which name is Qualcomm file then the name of the file “dummy.img” and if MediaTek file then the file name is “md1img.img”
  7. Open the Minimal ADB and fast boot tool and run command for Qualcomm device run “fastboot flash antirbpass dummy.img
  8. Or Mediatek device run “fastboot flash antirbpass md1img.img
  9. Reboot the device and fixed the problem, if the problem is still the same then you can flash the full firmware file on your device but this operation erases all data of your phone.


Copy the file in a minimal ADB fastboot tool folder and run the command.

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