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FREE Khmer eFixer Team EMMC Tool V1.4.0.0

eFixer Team EMMC Tool is a small windows computer tool. the tool is allowed users to read the full images, read partitions, write partitions, and more with any smartphone. I have successfully Unlocked the sim lock from oppo a3s mobile in an emmc direct connection to pc with a test point.


Features eFixer:

Read Function

  • Read the Full Image
  • Read Partition Structure
    Select option:- Show partition Gaps
  • Read selected partition
  • Read by selected address
  • Preset: 128 KB to 128 GB – READ

Write Function – eFixer

  • Manual Select DUMP File – If you read from another model
  • Write full image
  • Load partition structure
    Select option: Show partition Gaps
  • Write the selected partition
  • Write by selected address
  • Preset (not defined)
  • Write button

Download Link eFixer

NameKhmer eFixer Team EMMC Tool V1.4.0.0 With Oppo a3s Dump File
Size3.5 GB
Download LinkTera Box

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