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GH QC Samsung FRP Remove Tool V1 08-25-2022 Free Download By GSM Hamza

GH QC Samsung FRP Remove Tool is a small tool only 3 MB which allowed windows users to remove the FRP lock from Samsung Qualcomm Device. supported model number I m mention below.

The disadvantage of the tool: you need to disassemble your smartphone and connect to the short point and boot the mobile into EDL mode.

Supported Models:

QC Samsung FRP Remove A02s All Model List: SM-A025F, SM-A025F/DS, SM-A025G, SM-A025G/DS, SM-A025M, SM-A025M/DS, SM-A025U, SM-A025V, SM-A025A, SM-A025U1, SM-A025AZ, SM-S124DL

QC Samsung FRP Remove A01 All Model List: SM-A015F, SM-A015F/DS, SM-A015G, SM-A015G/DS, SM-A015M, SM-A015M/DS, SM-A015T1, SM-S111DL, SM-A015V, SM-A015A, SM-A015AZ

QC Samsung FRP Remove A11 All Model List: SM-A115F/DS, SM-A115F, SM-A115M, SM-A115M/DS, SM-A115U, SM-A115A, SM-A115AZ, SM-A115U1, SM-A115W, SM-A115AP, SM-S115DL

QC Samsung FRP Remove A70 All Model List: SM-A705F, SM-A705FN, SM-A705GM, SM-A705MN, SM-A7050, SM-A705W, SM-A705YN, SM-A705X, SM-A705U

QC Samsung FRP Remove J4+ All Model List: SM-J415F, SM-J415FN, SM-J415G, SM-J415GN, SM-J415N

QC Samsung FRP Remove J6+ All Model List: SM-J610F, SM-J610F, SM-J610G, SM-J610FN

Coming Soon…

QC Samsung FRP Remove M11 All Model List: SM-M115F, SM-M115F/DSN, SM-M115M, SM-M115M/DS

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