GRT Dongle EMMC ISP V1.0 Latest Crack – Free Download

GRT Dongle EMMC ISP V1.0 is a small tool for Windows computers. this tool cracked by SKUMAR. allows you to unlock, flash, Format your smartphone with emmc pin layout. now this is a first version crack GRT EMMC and working with the sd card reader. you have need only modify the card reader and isp pinout and do all operation in one click.

Supported Brands

  1. -ASUS
  2. -Aser
  3. -ZTE
  4. -Xiaomi
  5. -Vivo
  6. -Sony
  7. -Smartfren
  8. -Sky
  9. -Sharp
  10. -Samsung
  11. -Realme
  12. -Oppo
  13. -Nokia
  14. -Motorola
  15. -Lenovo
  16. -LYF
  17. -LG
  18. -Intex
  19. -Huawei
  20. -HTC
  21. -Coolpad
  22. -Alcatel
  23. -Other devices are supported…

Supported Features

  • -Read Information
  • -Read Any Partition
  • -write Any Partition
  • -Erase Any Partition
  • -Read Full Dump(XML)
  • -Write Full Dump(XML)
  • -Format Userdata
  • -Format Userdata in Safe Mode
  • -Reset User lock Without data loss
  • -Read Gesture VER 4x/5x/6x
  • -Read Security
  • -Write Security
  • -Wipe Security
  • -Reset FRP Lock

PASSWORD:- softwarecrackguru

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By Yogesh Joshi

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