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GSI Flash Tool 2.0 for Motorola G20 Free Download

GSI Flash tool is a small utility CLI program for windows computers. it is used on only Moto G20 smartphones and you can perform an Automatic flash product, Maagisk Root, Wipe Data, Reboot device, and more.

Features GSI Flash Tool:

• Unlock Bootloader ( Vol UP + Power )
• Reboot in Fastbootd.
• Check if your phone is recognized in Fastbootd.
• Format Partition Product.
• Flash product.img )…
• Flash.GSI system. img.
• Flash Root.
• Reboot Phone.
• Installation Automatic (One Click)

How To Use?

  1. • Extract in you disk C:
  2. • Add you gsi downloaded in C:\GSIFlashTool\files\gsi
  3. • If you won’t make a Manual installation edit name gsi to the system. img
  4. • If you want to make Automatic Installation edit with your correct GSI (You can add many GSI Roms)
  5. Corvus OS Android 11 (corvus-gsi.img)
  6. DotOS 5.2 Android 11 (dotos-gsi.img)
  7. OctaviOS Android 11 (octavi-11gsi.img)
  8. OctaviOS Android 12 /octavi-12gsi.img)
  9. Pixel Experience Android 12 (pixel-gsi.img)
  10. ArrowOS Android 12 (arrow-gsi.img)
  11. CherishOS Android 11 (cheri-11gsi.img)
  12. CherishOS Android 12 (cheri-12gsi.img)
  13. Ancient OS Android 12 (ancient-gsi.img)
  14. Havoc OS Android 11 (havoc-gsi.img)
  15. Nusantara Android 11 (nusantara-gsi.img)
  16. • Open GSI Flash Tool v2.0 – By Zonik.exe and enjoy!

@BlassGO a great friend who always share things about android programming@GRom93A, @mayckon For the time to test the method to be able to install GSI + Root in the MotoG20

Download Link:

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