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GSMUnbrick Tool V0.0.1 Free Download

GSMUnbrick Tool 0.0.1 beta is a small tool for Windows computers. it is allowed users to find the Chip (ic’s) on your mobile-only you scroll and choose the ic number then the tool gives you full information about that chip and the second option you can check the wifi ic, power ic, charging ic, audio ic, and more. also, you can check the test point of Xiaomi, and Huawei mobile with a single click only.


Peace be upon you
Blessed Friday, and God willing, we will close the year 2021 with the gsmunbrick tool, it will have a place in the market, God willing.
The first edition of gsm unbrick has been released

0.0.1 beta (test version)

It contains consensus
All types of men are memory models, their name and shape
Issues for devices (pore, charging, wifi)
And testpoint photos for hardware
And God willing, there will be two versions of the program:
The first version is beta and after time it turns into a free version and it will be permanent non stop with updates

How To Use?

First, you need to download the tool from the below link
Next, you need to install the setup on your computer

Next back to the desktop and find the “GSMUnbrick” tool and run as admin or direct double click to open
Done !! enjoy the tool

Download Link:

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