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Hassani Stopper v1.0 By Ali Hassani | Disable Windows Defender | Delete Temp File

Hassani Stopper v1.0 is a small tool for Windows computers. it is working on all windows computers, windows 10, 11 both windows tested. the tool’s main function is to disable the defender protection and remove the Temp file folder with one click only.

Features Hassani Stopper v1.0: 

Open Windows Antivirus

– it is allowed users to open directly antivirus with one click and you can disable protection.

Disable Windows Defender
– it is allowed users to stop antivirus protection with a single click only.

Disable Windows Update

– It is allowed users to you can disable windows update with a single click only, with no need to edit the registry or any extra setting.

Disable Driver Signature

– It is allowed users to disable driver signature with a single click only. many drivers need to do this setting. If you disable signature enforcement, nothing will prevent you from installing broken, poorly-written, or malicious drivers, which can easily crash your system, or worse. If you’re careful about the drivers you install, you should be fine.

Delete All TEMP File One-click only

– Alternatively referred to as a foo file, a temporary file or temp file is a file created to hold information while a file’s being created or modified. After the program is closed, the temporary file is deleted. Temporary files store and move data, manage settings, help recover lost data, and manage multiple users.

How To Use?

  1. First, you need to download the installation file from the below link
    1. Next extract the exe file on your Windows computer
  2. Run tool as admin – no need installation is a portable tool
  3. The next tool interface is come now step by step use all function
  4. Done !!!

Download Link:

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