How To Create SPD spectrum FRP File Easy to Make – 2021

How To Create SPD spectrum FRP File: SPD FRP Tool is an unlocking tool used to bypass and unlock the FRP of Spreadtrum smartphones. It is one of the best-known unlocking tools for SPD mobile phone professionals. SPD (spreadtrum processor) is a chip developed by Unisoc (spreadtrum communications, Inc) and used in Chinese mobile phones.

You can use the SPD FRP tool to remove sample accounts, unlock bootloaders, unlock FRP, remove Xiaomi FRP, Samsung FRP, and Lenovo Moto FRP. It works in fast boot mode, which works well; you can remove all FRP unlocks. The second Choice removes Streatrum FRP in the latest version from the tool.

How To Create SPD spectrum FRP File Easy to Make

Google introduced a few years ago an additional layer of security called FRP (Factory Reset Protection). We have seen several tools working around it since then. This video shows you how to remove Factory Reset Protection (SPD) on any phone. FRP can be easily circumvented with tools from different manufacturers and Android versions.

  • Download the Flash File.
  • Download SPD tool version R4.0.0001.
  • Load Flash File in SPD tool.
  • Click on Setting (Second Icon in the tool) under Main Page. Untick Select All File & then select EraseRuntime & Persist.
  • Click on Packet & Save the file.
  • FRP file has been created, and now it can be used to Unlock the FRP within the phone.
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By Yogesh Joshi

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