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How To Remove ADS on Xiaomi Devices With Using Private DNS 2024

How to Remove Ads on Xiaomi Devices with a Simple Trick

If you are a Xiaomi user, you might have noticed that some of the stock apps and services show annoying ads that interrupt your experience. While Xiaomi claims that these ads are necessary to keep the prices of its devices low, many users find them intrusive and irritating. Fortunately, there is a simple trick that can help you get rid of these ads on your Xiaomi device. All you need is a private DNS service that can block the ad requests from the MIUI system. Here is how you can do it:

Step 1: Go to your phone settings

The first thing you need to do is to open the Settings app on your Xiaomi device. You can find it in the app drawer or on the home screen.

Step 2: Join Connection & sharing

Next, you need to tap on the Connection & sharing option in the Settings menu. This will open a list of options related to your network and connectivity settings.

Step 3: Select Private DNS

Scroll down until you find the Private DNS option and tap on it. This will allow you to change the DNS server that your device uses to resolve domain names.

Step 4: Select Private DNS provider hostname

On the next screen, you will see a toggle to enable or disable the Private DNS feature. Make sure it is turned on and then tap on the Private DNS provider hostname option below it. This will open a text field where you can enter the hostname of the DNS service you want to use.

Step 5: Type “” and save

In the text field, type “” without the quotation marks and then tap on the Save button. This will set the AdGuard DNS service as your default DNS provider. AdGuard DNS is a free and secure service that blocks ads, trackers, and malicious websites on your device.

Step 6: Enjoy an ad-free experience

That’s it! You have successfully removed the ads on your Xiaomi device with a simple trick. Now, when you use your device, you will see that the ads are no longer coming up and it is convenient to use. You can also check the status of the AdGuard DNS service by going back to the Private DNS option in the Settings menu. You should see a green check mark next to the hostname you entered.


In this article, we showed you how to remove ads on Xiaomi devices with a simple trick. By using a private DNS service like AdGuard DNS, you can block the ad requests from the MIUI system and enjoy an ad-free experience on your device. This trick is easy to do and does not require any root access or special permissions. However, if you want to support Xiaomi and its services, you can always disable the Private DNS feature and revert to the default DNS server. We hope you found this article helpful and informative. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you for reading!.

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