Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

How To Upgrade to Unsigned iOS Version | Easily Install Unsigned iOS Firmwares no Jailbreak & no SHSH Blobs! Do you want to install unsigned iOS versions without the need for a Jailbreak or SHSH Blobs? If so, this video is for you! I will teach you how to easily Upgrade to Unsigned iOS in this tutorial. This method has been available for a while, however, a Jailbreak was required.Β 
This is because, in order to update to unsigned iOS firmware, your iPhone or iPad needs to be in Supervised mode. However, I have found a NEW way to place your iPhone or iPad into the supervised mode, WITHOUT a Jailbreak, WITHOUT Apple Configurator 2 which means NO losing data.


This means once you place your iOS device into Supervised mode, you can Upgrade to UNSIGNED iOS firmware with ease! Keep in mind you CAN’T Downgrade to unsigned iOS versions following this guide. Only iOS Updates will show up, therefore it is not possible to downgrade to unsigned iOS firmware. Either way, this is a really cool thing to know. Hope you enjoy it!

πŸ‘€ Watched Video πŸ‘‡

Unsign iOS Version Mean?

An unsigned IPSW means Apple has stopped supporting the iOS version. iOS users wouldn’t be able to use iTunes to restore to an unsigned firmware. Apple periodically unsigns iOS version because of security issues and encourage users to make use of additions newer updates have to offer.

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Sign iOS Version Mean?

Download current and previous versions of Apple’s iOSiPadOSwatchOStvOS, and audioOS firmware and receive notifications when new firmwares are released.

SHSH Blobs Mean?

An SHSH blob is an unofficial term referring to the digital signatures that Apple generates and uses to personalize IPSW firmware files for each iOS device.


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