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All Huwaei Downgrade+imei Repaire+Reset FRP Firmwares Free Download – Google Drive – 2021 Updated

In This post, I have a solution for all Huawei Downgrade repair IMEI FRP reset mobile which you have face problem like FRP, IMEI Invalid, No Network, Baseband Error, Hang on Logo dead bricked like a problem if you face then flash your mobile with the below files. the files are tested on 100 or more models no issue is detected. if your device is not listed then comment below I update soon…


What Is Firmware Mobile?

Firmware is the permanent software programmed into your device’s memory — in this case, a smartphone or tablet. So, essentially, it’s the backbone of the device’s operating system, hence its importance to the device and the priority with which it needs to be managed.

What is FRP ?

Factory Reset Protection (FRP), is a security feature on Android devices with Android OS Version 5.1 (Lollipop) and higher. The FRP provides a built-in security feature you are able to use that protects your device and information, including screen locks and data encryptions.

What is downgrade firmware ?

Firmware downgrade refers to the process of uploading an older than the currently used firmware on the Trezor device (e.g., uploading the firmware v1. … It is possible to downgrade the firmware of your Trezor device if needed.

What is IMEI Repair ?

The Repair IMEI function is for the restoration of the original phone’s IMEI. The IMEI or MEID number for your mobile phone acts as a unique identifier for that device. In some cases, it happens that the serial number becomes overwritten or just simply damaged. If the case arises, it is possible to fix it.

Huawei All Models FRP+IMEI+Downgrade File Link:????

Name (Model)SizeProblemFirmware Link
Huawei P20 EML-L29/EML-L29C EU5.45 GBFRP + DowngradeLink
Huawei P20 EML-L29/EML-L29C CEA4.25 GBDowngrade+ FRP RemoveLink
HUAWEI P20 EML-L29 HW RU4.55 GBFRP + DowngradeLink
HUAWEI P20 Lite ANE-L21 ANE-LX1 HW CEA3.12 GBFRP + DowngradeLink
HUAWEI P20 Lite ANE-L21 ANE-LX1 HW RU3.44 GBFRP + DowngradeLink
Huawei P Smart 2019 Potter-L21 GBFRP + DowngradeLink
ANE-LX1 9.1.0 (C432) Repaire IMEI_REST FRP_FIX DOWNGRADE PROBLEM (Verlist Error)5.4 GBReset FRP + Repair IMEILink
AUM-L29 dump file1.6 GBFull Read DUMP FileLink
AUM-L29 Loader v5Loader V5 FileLink
BAC-AL00C00B359 8.0.0BAC-TL00C00B359 GBRepair IMEI + Downgrade+ Reset FRPLink
Berlin-L21C185B3862.5 GBRepair IMEI + Downgrade+ Reset FRPLink
CAM-L21760 MBBoard SoftwareLink
ELE-L29 pass HALABTECHMIREPAIR772 MBDowngrade + FRP RemoveLink
EVA-L19C185B403 Firmware 7.0 EMUI GBDowngrade + FRPLink
FIG-LA1 9.0_9.1.0 C185_rest frp repaire imei2.4 GBReset FRPLink
FIG-LA1 BD EMUI_8.0.0_05022EHT2.4 GBFull Downgrade + Remove all LocksLink
FIG-LA1,GIG-L21 rest frp repaire imei2.4 GBRemove + FRP
Repair IMEI
Huwaei mate 10 lite remove frp halabtech2.8 GBRepair IMEI + Remove FRPLink
JKM-L21 GBDowngrade + Remove locksLink
JKM-LX1 r33.0 GBDowngrade + Reset LocksLink
JSN- L21C GBDowngrade + Remove LocksLink
JSN-L22C r33.0 GBDowngrade + LocksLink
Jsn-L42ic r3 Downgrade firmware3.2 GBRemove FRP + IMEI Repair+ DowngradeLink
LDN-L212.8 GBDowngrade + Remove LocksLink
LLD-L20 GBDowngrade + Remove LocksLink
LLD-L21-BD1.0.0.9 Board firmware android 8.0.0_EMUI8.0.0_05022KRA2.2 GBDowngrade + Remove LocksLink
LLD-L31 Board firmware 8.0.0 EMUI_8.0.0_05022GGQ_HMT1.3 GBLocks Reset+ DowngradeLink
LYA-L09 10.0.0180(432)Downgrade firmware3.3 GBFRP Reset + DowngradeLink
LYA-L29C GBFRP + IMEI+ DowngradeLink
MAR-LX1A Downgrade Firmware EMUI10.0.0 05015SJX3.7 GBDowngrade + FRP ResetLink
MAR-LX1M 9.1.0 C185 Rest frp repaire imei downgrade firmware1.9 GBDowngrade + FRP ResetLink
MAR-LX2 firmware 9.0.0 r3 EMUI9.1.0_05015TFU3.5 GBFRP +DowngradeLink
Mate 20 lite demo remove without rootDemo Remove Without RootLink
MRD-LX1F_MRD-LX3_MRD-LX1_MRD-L21_MRD-AL00_MRD-TL00Madrid-bd Board firmware 9.1.0 EMUI9.1.0 05022RKY1.2 GBDowngrade + FRP ResetLink
POT-LX1 (C10) Downgrade From 10.0.0 To 9.1.0 and Fix Hang On eRecovery pass Hussam Alkashto3.1 GBFix Hang On Logo+ DowngradeLink
PRA-LA1 C185B204_7.02.9 GBDowngrade + FRPLink
PRA-LX1 8.0.0_402 C432 firmware_8.0.0 r1_EMUI8.0_05014FFV3.7 GBDowngrade + FRPLink
PRA-LX1 8.0.0_367(C464)2.8 GBDowngrade + FRPLink
RNE-L21 05014TCK5.5 GBDowngrade + FRPLink
RNE-L21 repaire imei rest frp7.1 GBRepair IMEI+ FRP Reset+ DowngradeLink
SCL-21_C185B1501.3 GBDowngrade + FRP ResetLink
SNE-L211.7 GBDowngrade + FRP ResetLink
SNE-LX2 C185E1R1P2T8 Downgrade firmware_9.0.0 r3_EMUI9.1.0_05015KHV3.5 GBDowngrade + FRP ResetLink
STK-L21M 9.0.1(C185E8R4P1)3.0 GBDowngrade + FRP ResetLink
STK-L21M firmware_EMUI10.0.0_05015XSC3.3 GBDowngrade + FRP ResetLink
STK-L22HN Downgrade3.1 GBDowngrade + FRP ResetLink
STK-LX1 DOwngrade firmware 9.0.0 r3_EMUI9.1.0_05015VQH3.0 GBDowngrade + FRP ResetLink
Y530-U00 Dead boot1.4 GBDump Dead Boot RepairLink
If any file is showing error or password then comment below with file name

All files have tested and verified it’s 100% solve your problem. you need some passion and a fresh mind for operating this file. you can download files and flash with the supported flash tool. also, you use the MRT tool for flashing many files that are supported Qfil tool.

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