iActivation v5 Free Download For Windows Computer

zecode.lk updated his tool iActivation for the latest version 5 for untethered iCloud bypass iOS13 up to iOS14. This windows software works with all checkra1n jailbreak supported devices. You can iCloud bypass untethered and with notification fixed. This means you can use WhatsApp and telegram on your bypassed device with full functions.

Table of Contents

How to use?

  • Step 1 jailbreak your iDevice
  • Step 2 check if the computer is connected to the Internet
  • Step 3 Connect your iDevice to a computer
  • Step 4 Check if the iDevice details are in the iActivation tool
  • Step 5 Start = Activate Untethered or Skip Activate Untethered


Fixed battery 100% ✔
Fixed baseband ✔
OTA Blocked ✔
Remove all Reset ✔
GSM MEID Untethered fixed✔
Auto Update iActivation
iOS 12,13,14 support

File Information:
Filename:- iActivation V5
File Size:- 70 MB
File Download:- Download Here
File Type:- ZIP
File Password:- No Password

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By Yogesh Joshi

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