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iKey Prime Tool v2.0 Released – Supported Last iOS Version

iKey Prime v2.0 Released With Support for the Latest iOS 16.4.1: Your One-Stop Solution for iOS Activation Locks

iKey Prime v2.0 has come to the rescue with its latest release, which supports the latest iOS 16.4.1 and many other features.

iKey Prime v2.0 is a powerful tool that allows novice users to complete complex bypass processes with just one click of the mouse. It is fast, efficient, and easy to use while also protecting the environment. With iKey Prime v2.0, users can easily bypass activation locks on their iPhone or iPad, making it an ideal solution for individuals and businesses alike.

One of the main benefits of iKey Prime v2.0 is its compatibility. It supports a wide range of devices, including iPhone 5S up to iPhone X (MEID + GSM) and iPad (2013 – 2019) (WiFi + Cellular models ONLY). Additionally, it supports iOS 12.0 and up to iOS 16.4, making it one of the most versatile solutions on the market.

iKey Prime v2.0 is compatible with Winra1n(Windows) / Palera1n(Linux/Mac), providing users with the flexibility to use the tool on their preferred operating system. It supports 11 international languages, making it accessible to a global audience.

Using iKey Prime v2.0 is easy. Simply ensure that your PC is running in a Windows environment, download and run iKey Prime, and connect your device to your PC. If required by the service, jailbreak your device, purchase the service, click start, and complete the service. It’s that simple.

At iKey Prime, we stand behind our product and offer full and speedy refunds if the device is not successfully bypassed. With iKey Prime v2.0, you can be confident that you’re getting a reliable and effective solution to your activation lock issues.

Device CompatibilityiPhone 5S up to iPhone X (MEID + GSM), iPad (2013-2019) (WiFi + Cellular models ONLY)
iOS CompatibilityiOS 12.0 and up to iOS 16.4
Jailbreaking CompatibilityWinra1n (Windows), Palera1n (Linux/Mac)
Language Support11 international languages
Activation Lock BypassBypass activation locks (with or without signal)
iTunes API IntegrationCompletely driven by the iTunes API
User-FriendlyEasy to use, fast, and efficient
Additional ToolsIncludes other free and useful tools
After-Sales ServiceFull and speedy refunds if the device is not successfully bypassed


Apple CoverageCheck the warranty status and remaining coverage of your Apple device.Free
Apple DetailsGet detailed information about your Apple device, including model, capacity, color, and more.$0.50
Find My iPhone On/OffCheck if the Find My iPhone feature is enabled on your device.Free
iCloud Clean/LostCheck if your Apple device is associated with an iCloud account and if it is reported lost or stolen.Free
SIMLock StatusCheck if your phone is locked to a specific carrier and if it is eligible for carrier unlocking.Free
MDM On/Off StatusCheck if Mobile Device Management (MDM) is enabled on your Apple device, which can restrict certain features.$0.50
Samsung CheckGet detailed information about your Samsung device, including model, IMEI, software version, and more.Free
Huawei CheckGet detailed information about your Huawei device, including model, serial number, warranty status, and more.Free

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if you’re looking for a one-stop solution for iOS activation locks, iKey Prime v2.0 is the tool for you. With its compatibility, ease of use, and after-sales service, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best possible solution on the market. So what are you waiting for? Download iKey Prime v2.0 today and experience the ease and convenience of bypassing activation locks with just one click of the mouse.

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