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KFT Pro Tool V1.0 & V1.0.0.1 Crack (Free Activation)

KFT Pro Tool crack is a small tool for Windows computers. it is allowed users to offer all premium features like any box or dongle. many days to KFT team has been not released any update then solution unlimited channel has cracked this module and release it for all users. the tool is free but some conditions that you follow and activate the tool.

The one condition only you need to subscribe and like the channel & Video and send it on Whatsapp Then I m activate your tool. CLICK HERE Send Screenshot on +918668709402.


  • Xiaomi – General TAB

– Reboots all modes- Read info (ADB Mode)- Anti Relock MI- Wipe EFS QC [TWRP Mode]- Wipe EFS QC [TWRP Mode] new- Wipe EFS MTK [Fastboot Mode]- Wipe EFS Qualcomm [Fastboot Mode]- Wipe EFS Qualcomm [ADB-ROOT]

  • Xiaomi Diag Mode

– Enable Diag Mode [Without ROOT]- Enable Diag Mode [with ROOT]

  • Xiaomi ROOT

– Install KFSU ROOT [Sideload Mode]

  • Xiaomi Network TAB

– Repair IMEI- QCN Tool, Backup & Restore

  • Xiaomi Fastboot Mode

– Read info- Remove FRP [Unlocked BL]- Unlock-flash- Unlock-go- Unlock Critically- Set Boot slot-A- Wipe EFS- Erase Boot- Set Boot slot B

  • TWRP Auto Flasher

– Flash Now

  • Fastboot Flasher

– Bat File Flash- Reboot after flash- Skip when giving an error- Protect IMEI- Start Flash

  • Samsung General TAB

– Read Information- Remove Screen Lock [Root]- Fix S-Health Know\x [Root]- Bypass Samsung Account- Fix wifi Forgetting- Set SIM Count [Single]- Fix MIPI Problem- Remove Security Notice- Remove lock Screen [System UI]- Enable Diag Mode [Root]- Enable Data Icon [No Root]- Enable Hidden Menu- Set SIM Count [Double]

  • Samsung Network TAB

– Repair IMEI SPD [ADB Mode, Root]- Repair IMEI- Patch Certificate
— Read Write Files
– Restore Original IMEI [Qualcomm]- Restore Original IMEI [Exynos]

  • EMMC [ISP]

– Read Information- Reset FRP LOCK- Factory Reset Safe- Factory Reset [User + Cache]- Read Gesture [Locks]- Reset LockScreens- Wipe Security- Read Security- Write Security

  • EMMC ISP (Partition Manager)

– Read- Erase- list partition

  • Amazon (General)

– Read Information- Add Google Play Services- Remove Amazon Apps ‘No Root’- Change Launcher- Install File Manager

  • Android TAB

– Read Information- Bypass FRP [ADB MODE]- Install Magisk v21.2 [Sideload]- Install Magisk Manager v8.0.4- Install SuperSu v2.82 Apk- Enable Hidden language [Root]- Enable Hidden language [No Root]- Remove Lock Screens [Root]- Remove Lock Screens [No Root]

How To Use?

  1. First, you need to download the KFT Tool crack version
  2. Next, extract all files at desktop because the tool is portable you can run from anywhere
  3. Next need to run the loader file which is available inside of the folder
  4. Now in the tool activation portal open nowhere do you need to activation key for comment your HWID in the comment box.
  5. Copy your activation key and past it on your tool window and click the register button
  6. Next, reopen the loader file with admin access now your tool is fully functional use the tool for a lifetime free
  7. Now Connect the device and use the tool.
  8. More Help WhatsApp Me at +918668709402

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