Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

Hello, Freinds today I have the latest version of the MCT DH Qualcomm Tool setup file. the setup is no need to internet for use this Qualcomm Module is fully offline. but its needs MCT Dongle to run this setup file. if you have a stuck for download setup please comment below.

MCT DH QUALCOMM TOOL V3.10.25 Offline Free Download

Table of Contents


Read & Write Pin – Pattern, FRP Unlock, Anti Theft Unlock, Network Unlock, Account ID Unlock
Multiple Functions
Many Flashing & Back-Up Functions. Dead Fix, EMMC Testing, Lots Of Utils!
Update Support
MCT will release monthly updates with amazing functions!
You can use both MCT and DaukHywee Tool Pro (Qualcomm Module).
Driver issues with Qualcomm The problem that stopped. In other cases, the upgrade has nothing to do with the previous version. As for Qualcomm, do not use the previous version. More functions and bug fixes. (Some user suggestions have been added)
Can be used offline.
You can connect online once and open up to 15 times.
See below for additional functions.

-> SDM Platform Flashing-> EMMC Test-> Adv Option adds an option to delete individual partitions.-> You can write XML,, Raw Firmware by attaching IC to EMMC Stick.-> Block0 directly according to EMMC Size from Firmware.

-> SDM Platform backup-> EMMC Backup

-> Read Pattern-> Read Pin ( Bruteforce )-> Read Password (Bruteforce )-> Remove All userlock ( No data Lose )-> Reset All Security-> Vivo Bootloader Unlock ( Data ပ်က္ဆီးႏိုင္ပါတယ္ )-> One Plus Bootloader Unlock-> Xiaomi Bootloader Unlock-> Meizu Bootloader Unlock-> FRP-> EMMC Read Pattern-> EMMC read Pin-> EMMC Read Password

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-> Xiaomi DM-Verify-> Xiaomi Wifi/Sensor Fix

File Download:

Name:MCT DH Qualcomm Tool

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