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MSM Download Tool Latest Version With Activation File

You must have heard about the MSM Oppo download tool, which nowadays uses online oppo mobile to flash. This tool works with an authorized ID password. I am going to give you some versions of the crack file in this post today. Which I have not yet seen using, but you must tell us once by testing on a mobile phone so that we can know that this crack is working. So let’s know more about it.

MSM Download Tool

Download Links:-

  1. MSM Download Tools 3.0DOWNLOAD
  2. MSM Download Tools 4.0.58DOWNLOAD
  3. MSM Download Tools V1728.30DOWNLOAD

What We Can Do With Free This Pc Software

Oppo MSM Download tool is a multipurpose utility tool which can help you in many difficult critical situations. Users can remove the pattern lock or PIN password of the device. Moreover, users can remove Oppo FRP lock by flashing official stock ROM. Same as, if you have any software related issues on the device, flash it with the latest MSMDownload tool. It will fix all the issues automatically.

Errors & Stability

Just because we are going to share a cracked Tool, so it may occur error during flashing Stock ROM some times. Here we are listing some tool’s errors.

  • Connection time out error in This tool.
  • Internet connection is a must use the MSMDownload tool but sometimes Microsoft status shows offline even connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • “Start” button will not work for you or unclickable.
  • MSMDownload Unauthorized and Hidden or unclickable Start Button.
  • Authorization error – A warning notice appears always: “You must use authorized accounts such as A3S, F5, F7, F9, etc…
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These are some common errors of free MSM download tool latest version but you can fix them by This download tool’s activation file. Just activate the tool in a proper manner and you are ready to go.

Can We Flash Oppo Devices With This Tool Without Losing Data

If you are searching a way to flash official stock ROM on Oppo devices without losing data then don’t waste your time. There is no way to install stock ROM without data loss. After flashing firmware, the device will format your device data completely.

Activation Files Download

  2. Files In Activation Folder: Enable.exe fileCodeMeterRuntime.exe, code, OPPOMsmDownloadToolNoneLic_2001.WibuCmRaUOPPO_ALL_TOOL [crack] and PDAnet file

Quick Steps To Install Oppo Flash Tool With Activation File

Installation of the MSMdownload tool is very easy but you have to activate it properly. Direct MSM download setup file will not work for you. So don’t forget to activate the MSM tool [ MSM Download tool crack ].

  • Download all the files [MSM Tool & Activation Files ] and extract them on pc for easy navigation.
  • Next, install the “PDAnet.exe” file and CodeMeterRuntime.exe file on your PC.
  • After the above installation process, open the CodeMeter Control Center and select the Licence file.

Activate Licence: Click on “File” option >> select “Import Licence” and browse “OPPOMsmDownloadToolNoneLic_2001.WibuCmRaU” file from extracted folder.

  • Import License file and go to the Oppo_MSM_Download_Tool_None_Lic_2000 from the folder.
  • Check License Activated message in a window, which means you have successfully activated the tool.
  • Tool’s configuration process done and you are ready to use the Oppo flash tool for firmware flashing.
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How To Flash Oppo This Tool

  • Configure the MSMDownload tool by following the above steps.
  • Once done, extract the downloaded Oppo firmware on pc. Make sure you are going to flash correct firmware according to your own device model name and number.
  • Move the MSMdownload tool setup file into the extracted firmware folder and run the MSMdownload tool setup file as administrator.
  • Connect the device with pc by pressing the proper boot key.
  • Click on the “verify” button and the tool will load all files automatically.
  • Hit on the “Start” button to flash the firmware on the device.
  • Wait for few minutes and after that, it will show “download success” in the MSM tool’s log window. This means, flashing done successfully and you can unplug your device.

Troubleshooting Of MSM Download Tools Error

  • Connect Time Out Error: If you try to run “MSM tools setup” and it’s showing “connect Timeout! Error” then it’s easy to fix. Just copy and move MSM download tools file into the firmware folder and then run it as administrator. The direct tool will not work.
  • Unauthorized Error In MSM Download Tool: In case, the tool is showing “unauthorized” error and the “start” button has hidden that means, you have to open “enable” software and click on the “Enable” button on the pop-up windows.

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